Sunday, February 28, 2010

Group 3's Duty

Hi councillors! This week's duty is Group 3's duty! :)

Group 3's Duty

~Command and Pledge

National: Felicia
HHK : Saggie
School : Fu Sheng Andrea

~Attendance File
Exco: Vanessa
Sec 1: Shannen Claire
Sec 2: Wen Ting
Sec 3: Abigail Beatrice Wee
Sec4 and 5: Melissa Ruth

~Patrolling Around
Exco: Shu Yi
Level 1: Krystle Yi Jia
Level 2: Hui Ling
Level 3: Theresa Say Hao
Level 4:Wan Ling Shi Ting
Pathway Behind Home Econs Room: Rachel Lyon Ng

~Side Gate
Exco: Liyun
Councillors: Keith Eileen Tay Chi Ling

~Main Gate
Exco: Riduan
Councillors: Verna Carey Jeslin

~Tuesday Assembly (if have)
Command and Pledge: Alphonsus
Arranging of chairs: Saggie Beatrice Wee Jeslin Say Hao

There it is, the duties for this week! :)
Do take note of your duties and see you guys Tomorrow!! Good Luck for your CT1, ok people!!
Jia you!! :D
Thank you.

New songs

as requested, here are some songs for the blog.
if there are any other songs tt are wonderful and free of vulgarites,
just tag and if i happen to see it i'll add in.

i tried to look for the school song but to no avail.

good luck for common test


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Group 2 Duty List for this Week

Hi Councillors! This is the duty for this week which is Group 2's duty.. :)

Group 2's Duty

Command and Pledge
Jia Wen

National: Felicia
HHK : Erica Ho Soo Peng
School : Jasleen Jolene

Attendance File
Exco: Riduan
Sec 1: Yan Hui Le'schane
Sec 2: Pei Xuan Jenna
Sec 3: Yik Ming Beatrice Lee
Sec 4 and 5: Jasmine Darren

Patrolling Around
Exco: Vanessa
Level 1: She Hwa Michelle
Level 2: Lyon Koh Khalisah
Level 3: Chong Liang
Level 4: Rui Qi Joey
*Pathway behind basketball court: Siti Wei Bin

Side Gate
Exco: Shu Yi
Councillors: Ser Lin Basyirah

Main Gate
Exco: Liyun
Councillors: Xin Ning Lee Yin

Tuesday Assembly
Command and Pledge: Jia Wen
Arranging of Chairs: Khalisah Basyirah Jasmine Michelle

*new duty

Please take note of you duty for this week. :)
And please take note that for 2mr's role call, it is for Group 2 and ALL Sec 2s.
Thank you.
Have a good rest and c ya 2mr, people!! :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New BlogSkin

heyys all.
this is a new blogskin as i find the previous one kinda messy.
btw, i'm not just here to tell everyone about a new blogskin...
i'm not as random as riduan :D

this blog got a new look,
and i've added the 16 offences rules for all of you, as requested by our president.

next point to note is that though we're going to post all the duties each week onto this blog,
this doesn't mean you don't have to attend role call.

and councillors,
if you have some opinions about some things,
feel free to feedback to the excos. :D

lastly, some of you might think that we do not give out offences to the excos,
but believe it or not, we do.

cheers and good luck for the upcoming common test. there's only 1 more week left!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey Councillors!! This is the Duty for this week which is Group 1. :)

Group 1's Duty
  • Flags

National: Felicia

HHK : Eileen Chai Shaw En

School : Jodi Madeleine

  • Attendance File

Sec 1: Jie Ting Zhi Wei

Sec 2: Yang Le Victoria

Sec 3: Sunny Qingyu

Sec 4 and 5: Arffah Jing Yi

  • Patrolling Around

Level 1: Sara Clarence

Level 2: Emily Rui Yuan

Level 3: Valerie Jack

Level 4: Claris Feng Xia

  • Side Gate

Councillors: Leona Nickson Ivy

  • Main Gate:

Councillors: Louis Cheryl Joy

'Don't be late for Role Call Guys! If not you guys will get it from me!'

Sorry for the late Post. The understudies, your duties will be annoounced tomorrow itself during Role Call. Have a good rest and do not be late for Role Call alrite? Thank you! :D

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine Day!! :D

To all our chinese friends,Happy Chinese New Year! May this new year bring joy and happiness to your life in the year of the Tiger,right? Hahas! Takecare of your health and enjoy every single day! :D

To also all our non-chinese friends,just enjoy this long break! hahas! Stay happy! :D Hope also it will bring joy & happiness to you all!! And takecare of your health too! hahas! :D

Ok,I know this blog looks dead,so I decided maybe once in a while I shall post random but meaningful question for you all or just random stuffs if I have the time. Hahas,so do make sure try visit this blog once in awhile. Also u all can spam la the tagboard..Just to live it up! :D hahas..You all can also give suggestion to improve on the blog [:

Ok,then. Takecare,councillors! Oh,ya..Make sure give me 70% of ur collection arh! This is call GST! Muahaha!! :D Just kidding..Enjoy this holidays,councillors! :D

Randomly Posted: Riduan [:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chinese New Year Duties

Hey Councillors!!!

I forgot to tell you guys just now. All councillors involved in the Duty will leave the class at 9.50am for your recess and then report to you respective places at the your duty time. Do not be late, please.

These are the duties. There are some changes so please take note. Inform your friends if possible and remind each other.

a. 15 Councillors attach to Old folks (10.45am report outside the General Office)




Erica Ho



Beatrice Wee

Feng Xia





Wei Bin


Erica Siew


b. 10 Councillors to put a pair of oranges on the chairs (10.40 am report outside General Office)

Chi Ling


Tun Yang

She Hwa



Jia Wen



Shu Yi

Felicia (help)

c.15 Councillors to load hamper on the van (10.40 am report outside hall and report to Ms Kim)



Zhi Wei

Say Hao




Wan ling

Rui Yuan




Lyon Koh

Lyon Ng


d. 3 Councillors for Prize-giving (Report to Ms Kim)




Please do not be late for your duty and Remember to leave your class at 9.5o am.

Thank you. :)
Have a NICE rest today!

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