Friday, December 31, 2010

Hey councillors! Please take note that this is the new canteen map where the sec1s are supposed to be sitted during meal times. Thanks :D
-SiYi C:

Friday, December 24, 2010

Ello councillors!! Alicia here, agn!!!!! ^^

There will be a FINAL & COMPULSORY briefing for ALL Sec 1 & 2 councillors on Monday, 27th Dec 2010. Report in council room at 12.15pm. It will end around 1.30pm. Do bring a notebook/paper and pen with u as there are some things we nd u guys to take down.

Pls try your best to make it for this briefing as it will be the last one before the Sec 1 Orientation Camp 2011. Thank u very much!! :D


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hi councillors! This is the canteen map of where the new sec 1s are going to sit during their meal time. Especially for class ics, you all can take note where they are supposed to sit so that it won't be so chaotic on the actual day itself. Thanks! :D

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello, alicia here! ^^

Below is the link of an online survey for all current Sec 1 & 2 councillors and Sec 3 EXCOs. It is a survey to collate your dietary information and information of you leaving the Sec 1 Orientation Camp 2011. Please help to spread this survey to your other councillor friends!!! ^^

For Qn1, it is necessary for everyone to fill up, kindly ignore the words "concerning Game Masters only". Best is if you can stay for both nights!

For Qn2, if you can eat anything and everything, just tick others and type "normal" in the box beside it. :)

Fill in your current (2010) class.

The camp will be from 6-8 Jan 2011. You are required to report to school at the normal school time for flag raising on 6th Jan, and will be released around 1pm on 8th Jan.

The try out of the Sec 1 Orientation Camp games will be held on 18 Dec, 9am-1pm. We will also announce to your respective roles, whether you're a game master or a class councillor. :P Report in council tshirt, PE shorts, school shoe and school socks. Thanks!!!! xP

Leave a tag if you've got any questions or can't open the link! :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hey guys! Here is some info about the Vietnam Trip! (:

Reporting Time: 7.20am at Changi Airport Terminal 2, flight SQ172.

Attire throughtout the whole trip

Day 1 (at the airport):
-Long pants or 3/4 pants
-No shorts allowed
-Council tee
-Shoes and socks

Day 2:
-PE shirt
-Long pants or 3/4 pants
-Bring old T-shirt to change
-Bring shorts or Bermudas to change (Optional)

Day 3:
-Old T-shirt
-Shorts (not too short!)
-Bring extra shirt or towel (Optional)

Day 4:
-PE shirt
-Long pants or 3/4 pants
-No shorts

Day 5:
-Own shirt
-Encourage to wear long pants or 3/4 pants or Bermudas
-Bring Jacket

Day 6:
-Own Clothes

Day 7:
-Council tee
-Long pants or 3/4 pants

*** Remember no revealing clothes and shorts not to be too short! Same rules! (:
*** Take note to not wear shirts with weird wordings with meanings.

Things to do
-Label Passport Cover with your Name (best at the top right hand corner)
-Prepare 4 cards/postcards for your roommates!
-Make confetti by cutting squares (max. 3cm by 3cm) from coloured papers.
-Attach the pink card to your luggage!

Do ask if you have any questions! Thanks!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

NCHS designated as SAP school

Nov 13 2010
NCHS designated as SAP school
Look at our dearest councillors!!!!!!
From left to right: Jenna, Carey, Hazik, Gerald
Thanks guys fr being there..... :)))))

Special Assistance Plan
* NCHS will continue to admit Normal course students and students offering non-Chinese Mother Tongue Languages for the 2011 Secondary One intake.
* From January 2012, NCHS will admit only Express course students offering CL or Higher Chinese Language as a Mother Tongue Language.
* The Normal course will be phased out over five years.
* NCHS will also ensure that all its existing students in the Normal courses as well as those offering MTLs other than CL or HCL are well-catered for and able to successfully complete their education.

There's more information @, can read it urself if ur interested, it's long so blahblahpapaya..yeah. :D
Posted by Alicia.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey SEC 2s!

Here is a brief info bout your SLC Camp. (:

Reporting time:
7.30am in school. (Don't be late!)

Time end:
5.30pm @ NACLI.
Please take note that you guys have to arrange your own transport back as Miss Pey will be having meeting.

Things to bring:
Personal toiletries such as towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.
Optional items such as sandals, torch, insect repellent, medication, etc.
Optional items such as light snacks or tidbits for supper.
Sufficient change of clothes to last through your stay.
Sports attire is required for outdoor activities.
Reporting attire: PE attire.
Please take note of the same rules for restrictions of attire:
No FBT shorts, length of shorts to be same as PE shorts. No revealing shirts or tank tops.

Things NOT to bring:
Excessive Cash.
Valuable items such as jewellery, branded watch, laptop, PDA, etc.
Sharp objects such as knives and scissors.


70 South Buona Vista Road
Singapore 118176

From Buona Vista MRT: Bus No. 200
From Habourfront MRT: Bus No. 10, 30, 143

Camp Ground Rules:
Be present, be punctual, be respectful (self, others, environment), be open.
Have fun and enjoy!

*All meals will be served by NACLI appointed in-house halal caterer.
If anyone needs to contact you urgently, you can be reached at:
64744241 (Office Hours)
64704444 (Residence Manager/After office hours)
64797434(Security Guard/After office hours)
[ Must provide your name and the course you are attending ]

Thats all! Any questions pls approach Miss Pey. (:


Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey Sec 4 Seniors!
Student Council wishes you GOOD LUCK for your O levels!
Jiayou and all the best in everything!
Remember that we'll support you guys all the way!

And councillors!
There's combined rolecall tmr at 6.55am at quadrangle.
Bring along your farewell card as well.
Dont be late! :D


Friday, October 22, 2010

Here’s Group 1’s duty for the last week of school!




National: Jack, Angela

SHHK: Siyi, andrea

School: Jieting, luwen

Attendance File

EXCO-in-charge: Jerilene, Tunyang

Sec 1: Fengxia, Sherlyn

Sec 2: Nickson, Seri

Sec 3: Victoria, RuiYuan

Sec 4: Emily, Hafizh


EXCO-in-charge: Jazin, Clarence

Level 1: Valerie QiHui

Level 2: Qingyu

Level 3: Louis

Level 4: sunny

Side Gate

EXCO-in-charge: Alicia

Councillors: YiSi, Madeleine Sara

Main Gate

EXCO-in-charge: Jean Basyirah

councillors: EileenChai, Cheryl, SiLing

Pathway behind Home Ec. Room

Councillors: Zhiwei, Claris

Logbook Duty

EXCO-in-charge: Tianning, Hazik, Jingyi, Xenia

Sec 1: Thaddeus

Sec 2: Yangjie

Sec 3: Marcus

Sec 4: ShawEn

Credits to SayHao:D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey Councillors!
This is informal shot no. 2!
Pls tell me or any admin members if you wanna change your orders.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Councillors!

PLEASE bring your photo money on TUESDAY, 19Oct2010.
Must remember okay, its IMPORTANT!, and help spread the msg around.
Admin and I will remind you guys on monday again.

Thank you! :D

Secretary JEAN!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Group 3's duty :D~

Pledge: Alicia

National : Siyi Qingyu
SHHK : Saggie Victoria
School : Shi Ting Shi Hui
Hall : Tun Yang David

Attendance file : exco-in-charge: Jazin Fengxia
Sec 1 : BeatriceWee Theresa
Sec 2 : Shannen Glenn
Sec 3 : LyonNg Choon Lei
Sec 4 : Wan Ling Afiqah

Patrolling : exco-in-charge: Jerilene Darren
Level 1: Huiyi
Level 2: Claire
Level 3: Siqi
Level 4: Chi Ling Sebastian

Sidegate : exco-in-charge: Jean Yijia
Councillors : Huiling Abigail Weiying

Maingate: Exco-in-charge: Erica
Councillors : Ruth EileenTay

Pathway behind home econs room : Fusheng Sayhao

Logbook Duty : Exco-in-charge:Tianning Hazik
Sec 1s: Meichun
Sec 2s: Alicivia
Sec 3s: Andrea
Sec 4s:

Credits to Carey :D
Informal shot

Formal shot

Sorry the quality is kinda lousy as this was taken using an iphone! :P
Please look for jean if you want to order any of the pictures :D

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Group 2 duty :

Pledge : Erica

National: Ruiqi Victoria
SHHK: Siyi Qingyu
School: Jenna Huiwen
Hall: Le'schane Shuyan

Attendance file: Exco-in-charge: Jean Yi Jia
Sec 1: Basyirah Sofea
Sec 2: Soopeng Nicholas
Sec 3: Joey Ong Kimi
Sec 4: Yik Ming Jia Ning

Patrolling: Exco-in-charge: Alicia
Level 1: Lyon Koh
Level 2: Michelle
Level 3: Hui Qi
Level 4: PeiXuan Jingyuan

Sidegate: exco-in-charge: Jazin Fengxia
councillors: Jolene Tan Khalisah

Main Gate: exco-in-charge: Jerilene Darren
councillors: Yan Hui Jia Suan Joel

Pathway behind home econs room: Jasmine Jenna

Staircase beside DnT room:
Exco-in-charge: Tianning Hazik
councillors: BeatriceLee Erica Ho Jolene Foo Georgia

Credits to carey :D

Thursday, September 30, 2010

This week will be group 1's duty ;D


National: SiYi Qingyu
SHHK: Louis Victoria
School: ShawEn Emily
Hall: Nickson Jack

Attendence file:Exco-in-charge: Erica
sec1: ZhiWei Luwen
sec2:QiHui RuiYuan

sec3:Thaddeus EileenChai
sec4:Angela Sara

Patrolling:Exco-in-charge: Jazin FengXia

Sidegate:Exco-in-charge: Jerilene Darren

councillors: Seri Madeleine

Maingate:Exco-in-charge: Jean YiJia
councillors: Marcus JieTing Sunny

Pathway behind home econs room: Valerie SiLing

Staircase beside DnT Room:

Exco-in-charge:Tian ning,Hazik
Councillors: Sherlyn YiSi FengXia Hafizh

Patrolling around school: Gerald & Carey, TianNing & Jeslin ,Hazik & Cheryl

Good luck for all your papers ;D

Hey guys please take note for the new batch of understudies:D

From 4th oct - 22nd oct.

Jean: YiJia
SiYi: QingYu Victoria
Jerilene: Darren
Jazin: FengXia
Gerald: Carey
TianNing: Jeslin

Thursday, September 23, 2010

pledge:Erica siew
National: FuSheng, Lyonng
Hall: Abigail Glenn

Attendence file:Exco-in-charge:Jazin,Shiting
sec1:Jeslin SiQi

Patrolling:Exco-in-charge: Jean, BeatriceLee
level4: Choonlei Theresa

Sidegate:Exco-in-charge: Alicia
councillors:Huiling,Beatrice Wee,Shihui

councillors: sebastian Ruth

Pathway behind homeecons room:EileenTay ,WanLing

Logbook duty:Exco-in-charge:Tian ning,Hazik
sec1:Nurfatin Afiqah Bte Halim

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Combined Rolecall of the month of SEPTEMBER!

Date: 21 September 2010, Tuesday
Time: 6.55am
Venue: Quadrangle

Seeya guys there! Don't be late! :D


Thursday, September 16, 2010

hey guys this week will be group's two duty!


SHHK:Jazin,Lyon Ng
School:Yan Hui,Jiasuan
Hall:Erica Ho,Georgia

Attendence file:Exco-in-charge:Jean,Beatrice lee
sec 1:Shuyan, Michelle
sec2:Jolene Foo,Hui qi
sec3:Le'schane,Jolene Sihui
sec4:Lyon Koh,Jinyuan

level 1:Nicholas
level 2:Jasmine
level 3:Basyirah
level 4:Joel, Kimi



Pathway behind homeecons room:Hui wen,Khalisah

Logbook Duty:Tian Ning,Hazik
Sec2s-Sofea Khairunnisa Bte Zahari

credits to joey ! hahas :D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Alright guys this week will be group 1's duty :D

pledge: Erica

national-Jazin LyonNg
shhk- SiYi Claire
school- Claris SiLing

Hall- Clarence YangJie

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- Jerilene Jenna
sec 1- Xenia Marcus

sec 2- Jieting Seri

sec 3- Valerie Jack
sec 4- QingYu FengXia

exco in charge- Alicia
level 1- Nickson Angela

level 2- Thaddeus
level 3- YiSi
level 4- Emily Hafizh

side gate:
in charge- Travis ShiTing
councillors: Luwen EileenChai cheryl

main gate:
in charge- Jean BeatriceLee
councillors: Louis Sara Victoria Sherlyn

pathway behind home econs room: QiHui JingYi

Staircase beside D&T room
exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s- Angela
sec 2s-ShawEn
sec 3s-RuiYuan
sec 4s-ZhiWei

Patrolling around school: Hazik & Madeleine , TianNing & SooPeng, Gerald & Joey

Hey guys!
Alright from T4W1 to T4W3, the understudies will be as followed.


Do take notes sec 2s ! :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hey guys next week duty will be group 3's duty ;D

pledge: Alicia

national: SiYi LeSchane
shhk: Jazin JoleneFoo
school:BeatriceWee David
hall: TunYang SayHao

attendance file:
exco: Travis Khalisah
sec 1- HuiLing HuiYi
sec 2-Theresa Alicivia
sec 3- Carey WanLing
sec 4- Andrea ChoonLei


Exco: Jean Michelle
level 1- YiJia Ruth
level 2- SiQi
level 3- ShiTing
level 4- ShiHui Abigail

Side gate:
exco- Jerilene RuiYuan
councillors: Glenn EileenTay ClaireNg

main gate:

councillors-WeiYing Jeslin Shannen FuSheng

Pathway: Sebastian Saggie

exco in charge- tianning Hazik
sec 1- SooZhen
sec 2-MeiChun
sec 3- Afiqah
sec 4-LyonNg

Thats all! cheers ~ :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey guys next week will be group 2's duty ;D

Pledge: Erica Siew

National- Jazin, Jolene Foo
SHHK- Siyi, leschane
School- Jolenetan, Yikming
Hall- Shuyan, jasmine

Attendance file:
exco- Alicia
sec1- ruiqi, georgia
sec2- jianing, beatrice lee
sec3- huiwen, peixuan
sec4- darren, nicholas

Exco: Jerilene, Rui Yuan
level 1- Jenna
Level 2- Kimi
level 3- lyon koh
level 4- Joey

Side Gate:
Exco: Travis, khalisah
councillors- Joel, Soo peng

Main Gate:
Exco: Jean, Michelle
councillors-erica ho, jing yuan

Pathway: huiqi, basyirah

Staircase near DnT room:
Exco: Tianing, Hazik, Chi Ling, Zhi Wei
Councillors: JiaSuan, Sofea, YanHui

Patrolling around the school: Hazik & Chi Ling, Tian Ning & Zhi Wei, Gerald & Shaw En

Thats all ;D hahas credits for this week list goes to Miss ShawEn hehe ;D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hey councillors! :D this week will be group 1's Duty :D Enjoy The new Blogskin hehe ! :D

pledge: Alicia

national-SiYi Leschane
shhk- Jazin JoleneFoo
school- Victoria Seri

Hall- Sunny Valerie

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- Erica
sec 1- Clarence QiHui

sec 2- Sara Yisi

sec 3- Nickson Hafizh
sec 4- Cheryl Angela

exco in charge- Travis & khalisah
level 1- EileenChai Siling

level 2- Claris
level 3- QingYu
level 4-JieTing Luwen

side gate:
in charge- Jean & Michelle
councillors: Louis JingYi Jack

main gate:
in charge- Jerilene & RuiYuan
councillors: Emily Madeleine Xenia

pathway behind home econs room: Thaddeus Marcus

Staircase beside D&T room
exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s-Sherlyn
sec 2s-YangJie
sec 3s-FengXia
sec 4s- Xenia

Patrolling around school: Hazik & ChiLing , TianNing & ZhiWei, Gerald & shawen

There will be no logbook duty this week BUT! Those doing logbooks still have to patrol around the D&T Room:D thats all!:D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yes you are at the right page.

Hello councillors! As you can see, you managed to find your way to our brand new blogskin! Many thanks to our fellow councillor, Neo Ruiqi for designing this skin for us. :D Yay (WINKSWINKSWINKS!) THANK YOU!!!

Btw, remember there's combine rolecall this monday at 6.55am!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rotation for Sec 2 Understudy
t3w8 to t3w10
16 Aug to 03 Sep

Jean: Michelle
Tianning: Zhi Wei
Hazik: Chi Ling
Siyi: Leschane
Jazin: Jolene
Jerilene: Rui Yuan
Travis: Khalisah
Gerald: Shaw En

Take note:
1. Understudy period for this first batch only starts on 16 August.
2. The EXCO's name that is beside yours is who you are paired under. (Eg. Michelle is paired under Jean)
3. All Sec 2s will be understudied, this is only the first batch.
4. Remember that you'll be down for understudy duties for 3 consecutive weeks.
5. Do follow your EXCOs for their respective duties.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hey councillors! this will be next week's duty list :D it's group 3s turn now YAY :D


national: Jazin afiqah
shhk: SiYi ChoonLei
school: Saggie Glenn
hall: LyonNg Abigail

attendance file:
sec 1- WeiYing Shannen
sec 2- ClaireNg Sebastian
sec 3- Jeslin EileenTay
sec 4-ShiHui Ruth

Exco: Jerilene
level 1- MeiChun FuSheng
level 2- Sayhao
level 3- TunYang
level 4- WanLing SooZhen

Side gate:
exco- Travis
councillors: Carey Theresa David

main gate:
exco- Alicia
councillors-BeatriceWee HuiLing SiQi

Pathway: Andrea YiJia

exco in charge- tianning Hazik
sec 1- HuiYi
sec 2- Alicivia
sec 3- ChiLing
sec 4- ShiTing

Thats all! cheers~ happy national day in advance:D

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hey guy next week will be group 2s duty:)


national:Siyi jolenefoo
shhk:jazin jiasuan
school:huiwen Joey
hall:Jenna peixuan

attendance file:
sec 1- jianing yikming
sec 2-sofea ericaho
sec 3-basyirah Jolenetan
sec 4-kimi lyonkoh

level 1- joel leschane
level 2- Georgia
level 3- soopeng
level 4- jasmine

Side gate:
councillors: khalisah huiqi

main gate:
exco- Jerilene
councillors-Darren ruiqi

Pathway: Nicholas yanhui

exco in charge- tianning Hazik
sec 1- Michelle
sec 2- Shuyan
sec 3- beatricelee
sec 4- jingyuan

that's all for next week:)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hey councillors.
here are the offences some of you all have got from the start of this year. i will be going according to classes and putting the number of offences you have beside your name. i know its difficult to uphold the discipline in council but as councillors we have to do it no matter what. we are chosen by the teachers becuase they believe in us so we have to prove them right. so ppl with offences, take this as a reminder to improve discipline and not to blame anyone for recieving this offence(s).

Chua Hui Yi (1)
Cheong Shu Yan (1)

Jolene Tan (1)
Ong Shi Hui (1)

Li Si Qi (2)

Koh Jack (1)

Madeleine Poh (1)

Xenia Yeoh (1)

Bai Qingyu (7)
Darren Ang (5)

Eileen Chai (2)
Yik Ming (1)
Saggie Ong (2)
Ong Wan Ling (1)
Nickson Ong (2)

Erica Ho (1)
Shannen Ong (3)
Sunny Ho (1)

Jazin Zakaria (2)

Valerie Ong (3)
Sara Tan (2)

Neo Rui Qi (2)

Lyon Koh (1)

most of the offences here are given due to: no tie; eating in class(sweet not counted); low socks; not changing after p.e.; hair never pin up etc.
if anyone want to know when the offence is given ad given for what reason can find hazik or me.
i wish the next time i update the offence list again, there will not be so many offences.

-tian ning



This post is rather important, so gotta apologize for the somewhat late post here. Nevertheless, do take note, and I'll issue the reminders again tomorrow during the role call.

I am pleased to inform all Sec 1 Councillors that the 14 days rotation has been scrapped with IMMEDIATE EFFECT. All Sec 1s will no longer belong to any department, instead will be part of a pool, where you may be tapped by any department heads/seniors for a particular event.

There will be a change in direction for the sitting arrangement for role-calls. I believe it's covered in the previous post, but for those who missed it in the midst of the words, I'll cover it again. Councillors are now expected to sit in the direction of the CLASSROOMS, instead of in the direction of the podium. Yeah? You should now be facing the same direction as the student population, but you'll still be in that yellow box. Also, take note that each department should be seated in TWO rows instead of the current one. Department seniors to take up the front spots still.

The majority should be pleased to see this. Role-calls in the future will become monthly events, no longer weekly events. Duties will still be weekly events, Councillors are EXPECTED to check the noticeboard and the blog for updates.

Thats all! See ya tomorrow and we'll elaborate further.

Hey yo whatsup guys ;D its sunday already and tomorrow's a monday which means theres role call:D alright this week will be group NUMBER 1 ! :D

pledge: Erica

national-Jazin Shawen
shhk- Siyi YiSi
school- Nickson Marcus

Hall- EileenChai ZhiWei

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- Jerilene
sec 1- Sherlyn Victoria

sec 2- Jack Luwen

sec 3- JieTing SiLing
sec 4- RuiYuan Sunny

exco in charge- Jean
level 1- Valerie louis

level 2-Clarence
level 3- Hafizh
level 4-Emily Cheryl

side gate:
in charge- Alicia
councillors: Sara Xenia YangJie

main gate:
in charge- Travis
councillors: Claris FengXia QiHui

pathway behind home econs room: Madeleine JingYi

Logbook & staircase beside D&T room
exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s-Seri
sec 2s-Angela

sec 3s-Thaddeus
sec 4s- QingYu

By the way for those doing attendance file for sec 4s/5s, you guys are required to also bring the logbook and their class key together with the file to them. But then you guys will only collect back the files after assembly :D

Then for those doing flag duty in the HALL, hold the corners of the flag with your LEFT hand as you guys will be taking the pledge with your right hand. please make sure the flag is straight, not slacked and also make sure the flag is facing the correct directions!! REMEMBER: please SING the national anthem too!!

Lastly , during rolecall right, please seat FACING the classroom now instead of the podium and each department please form 2 roles now instead of 1. so you guys will be facing the classrooms and your back will be facing the student cohort.

hahas don't worry i will talk about all this again during assembly ;D have a nice sunday :D

Monday, July 19, 2010


Sec 1s! Look up! Here's the rotation list. Take note that the rotation is 14 days instead of the original proposed 21 days.

Group 1
Cheong Shu Yan
Wong Ye Xun Sebastian
Soo Zhen
Soh Hui Qin, Kimi
Nurfatin Afiqah Bte Halim
Aliciva Goh

Group 2
Chua Hui Yi
Wang Wen Yan Thaddaeus
Tan Yi Si
Wong Mei Chun
Seri Aminah Bte Samsulbahri
Marcus Sim

Group 3
Chua Jia Suan
Woo Jia Ning
Georgia Yap Zhi Wei
Sherlyn Kong Yin Teng
Sofea Khairunnisa Bte Zahari
Lim Hui Wen

Group 4
Ng Qi Hui
Chia Wei Ying
David Wong
Li Si Qi
Chuah Choon Lei
Glenn Ng Hui Siang

Group 5
Ong Shi Hui
Chin Si Ling
Lin Yuan Yu, Angela
Chua Hui Qi
Luwen Yee Qi
Lam Yang Jie

Group 6
Tan Si Hui Jolene
Lim Jing Yuan
Nicholas Yee
Khairul Hafizh
Joel Ang Kang Wee

This week:

Group 1: Discipline
Group 2: Welfare [C]
Group 3: Welfare [S]
Group 4: Training & Development
Group 5: Human Resource
Group 6: Admin


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hey guys this week will be group 3 doing e duties ;D

pledge: Alicia

national-Siyi ShiHui
shhk- Jazin HuiYi
school- Soozhen Carey
Hall- FuSheng Ruth

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- Jean
sec 1- BeatriceWee Theresa
sec 2- David Andrea
sec 3- ShiTing HuiLing
sec 4- MeiChun Sayhao

exco in charge- Travis
level 1- Alicivia Jeslin
level 2- Shannen
level 3- LyonNg
level 4- YiJia Glenn

side gate:
in charge- Jerilene
councillors: WeiYing Saggie EileenTay

main gate:
in charge- Erica
councillors: WanLing Afiqah TunYang

pathway behind home econs room: ChiLing ClaireNg

Logbook & staircase beside D&T room
exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s- SiQi
sec 2s- ChoonLei
sec 3s- Sebastian
sec 4s- Abigail

That's all folks! hahas ;D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Upcoming events

Teachers’ Day Preparation
Date: 22 July 2010, Thursday
Venue: Classrooms
Time: 2.45pm

Sec 2 Interview
Date: 24th July 2010, Saturday
Venue: Hall
Time: 9am

Please hand in your passport-sized photos if you have not.
Thankyou! :D


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hey councillors!
this week will be group 2 doing the duties.

pledge: Erica

national-Jazin Jing Yuan
shhk- Siyi Khalisah
school-SooPeng HuiWen
Hall- BeatriceLee Jasmine

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- Travis
sec 1- Georgia Le'Schane
sec 2- Joel Joey
sec 3- HuiQi Darren
sec 4- RuiQi Nicholas

exco in charge-Jerilene
level 1- ShuYan YanHui
level 2- Jenna
level 3- Michelle
level 4- LyonKoh

side gate:
in charge- Alicia
councillors: PeiXuan Basyirah

main gate:
in charge- Jean
councillors: Kimi YikMing

pathway behind home econs room: EricaHo JiaNing

Logbook & staircase beside D&T room
exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s- Sofea
sec 2s- JoleneTan
sec 3s- Jiasuan
sec 4s- JoleneFoo

Thats all for this week:D
Remember for the D&T duty,
please report at your respective places just before nation anthem starts :D
you can leave after all classes are dismissed.
you are also not required to do the duty when morning assembly is held in classroom=)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Teachers’ Day Preparation
All councillors to attend a session of making origami.
Date: 22 July 2010, Thursday
Venue: Classrooms
Time: After School (to be confirmed)

Sec 2 Interview
Date: 24th July 2010, Saturday
Venue: Hall
Time: Preferably in the morning

*Council Notice Board, next to Scout Notice Board, will be up by this week. Feel free to check out your duties there in future.

*Once Departmentalising Chart is up on the notice board, do remember to sit in your departments for the future combined role calls.

Thank you! x)


Monday, July 5, 2010

Hey councillors!
this week will be group 1 doing the duty!

pledge: Alicia

national-Siyi Cheryl
shhk- jazin Seri
school-Xenia Hafizh
Hall- JieTing Jack

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- Jerilene
sec 1- Clarence Qihui
sec 2- Sara ZhiWei
sec 3- Claris Thaddaeus
sec 4- Nickson madeleine

exco in charge- Jean
level 1- JingYi Angela
level 2- EileenChai
level 3- ShawEn
level 4- QingYu Louis

side gate:
in charge- Erica
councillors: Emily Victoria SiLing

main gate:
in charge- Travis
councillors: Valerie Ruiyuan Sheryln

pathway behind home econs room: Sunny YiSi

exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s- Marcus
sec 2s- YangJie
sec 3s- Luwen
sec 4s- FengXia

Thats all for this week:D
remeber to be punctual tomorrow alright!
cheers :D

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Okay people, the news you have all been waiting for... the allocation of who to what department. :D

Administrative - Jean

Eileen Tay
Rui Qi
Wan Ling

Sec 2s
Beatrice Lee
Yi Jia

Discipline - Tian Ning/Hazik

Lyon Koh

Sec 2s
Chi Ling
Rui Yuan
Soo Peng
Zhi Wei

Training and Development - Travis

Yan Hui

Sec 2s
Feng Xia
Lyon Ng
Tun Yang

Human Resource - Gerald

Erica Ho
Hui Ling
Pei Xuan

Sec 2s
Beatrice Wee
Shaw En

Welfare [Councillors] - Jerilene

Eileen Chai

Sec 2s
Jing Yi
Jolene Foo

Welfare [Students] - Siyi/Jazin

Fu Sheng
Jie Ting
Yik Ming

Sec 2s
Say Hao
Shi Ting

Do remember that this is a tentative list, and councillors are allowed to request for a transfer at any period of time. List is subject to change pending approval from the various Department Heads.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hey councillors!!
The holiday is ending already :(
i know i know.. its VERY fast!
hahas BUT!
theres still duty tomorrow!
so this week will be group 3 doing the duty :D

pledge: Erica

national-jazin Jeslin
shhk- Siyi MeiChun
school-HuiLing WeiYing
Hall- LyonNg Shannen

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- Jean
sec 1- Aliciva TunYang
sec 2- BeatriceWee ShiHuisec 3- Abigail Glenn
sec 4- Fusheng Yijia

exco in charge- Alicia
level 1- ClaireNg
level 2- Choonlei
level 3- SiQi chiling
level 4- EileenTay WanLing

side gate:
in charge- Travis
councillors: Huiyi ShiTing Theresa

main gate:
in charge- Jerilene
councillors: Sebastian Carey Ruth

pathway behind home econs room: Saggie Andrea

exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s- afiqah
sec 2s- David
sec 3s- SooZhen
sec 4s- Sayhao

yeap thats all people ;D
and don't forget theres school tomorrow hehe :)
see you guys tomorrow then!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hey Councillors!

Please prepare a PASSPORT PHOTO of you wearing uniform & tie!
It is to put on the noticeboard for the chart of departments.
Bring it on the next rolecall (Monday) alright!

Girls: Pin-up your fringe.
Boys: No long fringes or sideburns. Dont spike your hair.
Be as neat as possible!

No sad or angry faces! Look smart!

Thats all & Thanks! :D


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Short and Sweet! :


Thank you councillors so much for making the camp a huge success!
Hope you guys had fun! (:
If you see anyone on the road, remember to say : COUNCIL CAMP ROCKS!
hahahahah :D

JEAN here! <3
Hey councillors!
Thanks for attending the camp yea :D
We're really happy to see most of you enjoying the camp (:
It's like we see you all happy we also happy lah :D
And we're really sorry if you did not enjoy the camp due to some reasons
and it wasn't really well planned as we left you doing nothing during the transition from one activity to another
and we're sorry too if we've neglected you ><
All your feedbacks will denfintely make the next camp even better
Lastly, though it may not be the best camp,
but we always have the best councillors :D
Council ftw! xD

-SiYi C:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hey guys!

Just to clarify some matters. Please do take note okay!

1) Please report in PE attire, in SCHOOL SOCKS and SCHOOL SHOES.
Reporting attire must be in PROPER attire please.

Reporting time is at 7.30am SHARP.

2) IF you do not have enough sets of PE, bring home clothes will do.
BUT, fufil the requirements please, strictly NO revealing shirts and school based shirts are allowed. Shorts must NOT be shorter than school PE shorts.

3) Extra pair of shoes is meant for hiking. Meaning: Wear SCHOOL SHOES to school, Bring an extra pair of shoes (sneakers / sport shoes are allowed ). Strictly NO slippers or sandals for hiking. They are ony allowed for bathing/evening time.

4) BEST is to bring at least one pair of school socks. The other pair can be your home socks to wear it with your sneakers/sports shoes for hiking.

5) Bags are optional for hiking trip. We encouraged you to bring water and face towel along during the trip.

6) HANDPHONES / ELECTRONIC DEVICES are strictly NOT allowed. We advised you not to bring it. But if you wanna bring, we'll have to keep it for you and return you only on Day 3. This is to prevent any loss cases.


7) Please bring a cloth that can be used as blind folds, T-shirt, towel, cloth, etc is fine. This is very important!!!


CYA guys on monday! :D:D:D


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hey guys!
this will be the updated and final packing list!
so please take note yeah :D

1. sleeping bag (1)
2. school t-shirt and shorts for daytime activities (at LEAST 3 sets)
3. dark coloured shirt (1)
4. home clothes (optional)
5. undergarments (adequate)
6. towel (1 for bathing and 1 face towel)
7. school/sports shoe (2 pairs)
8. socks (MINIMUM 2 pairs)
9. slippers/sandals only during evening (1 pair)
10. personal toiletries (adequate)
11. water bottle (1)
12. torch light (1)
13. mosquito repellent (optional)
14. Eating utensils (adequate)
15. umbrella(optional)
16. T-shirt/Cloth/Towel as blindfolds (1)

Yeah so this should be it for e packing list :D
anyway council camp is just next monday!!
hope to see you guys then =D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey guys! :D

Here's an updated packing list:

1. Sleeping bag [1]
2. School T-shirts and shorts (for daytime activites) [At least 3 sets] *
3. Home clothes (inc. track pants and jackets - for sleeping) [Optional]
4. Undergarments [Adequate]
5. Towel (Face/Bath) [Adequate]
6. School/Sports shoes [1 pair] **
7. Socks [At least 2 pairs] ***
8. Slippers/Sandals (only during evening) [1 pair]
9. Personal Toiletries [Adequate]
10. Water Bottle [1]
11. Torch-light [1]
12. Mosquito Repellent [Optional - Highly encouraged: We don't want anyone going home with arms/legs full of mozzie bites :D]
13. Eating utensils (fork, spoon, bowl, cup etc.) [Adequate]
14. Dark coloured shirt
15. Umbrella
16. Face towel - for the hike

* School based shirts such as class tee, house tee, Sec 3 camp tee, etc are fine.
** This extra pair is for the hike. Please wear comfortable ones, we wouldn't want cases of blisters after the hike :D
*** Not necessarily school socks.

The bolded ones are the newer items on the list :D

Things to take note:
- Report in PE attire
- The rest of the days of the camp can be in home clothes, but strictly only school-based T-shirts or any T-shirts that are not revealing
- No high-cut FBT shorts allowed, the minimum length to be at the same length as P.E shorts

Any questions, feel free to ask us.

Oh, those who haven't pass up the consent forms, PLEASE PLEASE put it in Ms Pey's pigeon hole ASAP. Thanks!

Jerilene :D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

group 2's duty :D

pledge:Alicia & jean

national-SiYi sofea
shhk- peixuan benedict
school-jenna joel

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- jerilene
sec 1- JoleneTan JoleneFoo
sec 2- JiaSuan EricaHo
sec 3- Michelle Jasmine
sec 4- HuiQi SooPeng

exco in charge- jazin
level 1- YikMing
level 2- Le'Schane
level 3- Khalisah
level 4- Joey Georgia

side gate:
in charge- Erica & ruiqi
councillors: YanHui JingYuan

main gate:
in charge- Travis & lyonKoh
councillors: ShuYan Basyirah

pathway behind home econs room: Nicholas Darren

exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s- JiaNing
sec 2s- BeatriceLee
sec 3s- HuiWen
sec 4s-Kimi

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh By The Way the follow Councillors please note that you guys are down for duty for the maths and science competition on 26 may alright :D the timing and stuff will be confirmed by the teacher in charge. so i have no idea hahas :D just take note you guys are doing duty okay.

Sunny SiQi
HuiLing ShuYan
Ruth Sofea
Valerie georgia
EileenTay SiLing
Louis David
Shannen Kimi
YikMing nicholas
Nickson Glen
EileenChai ChoonLei
Abigail YiSi
Jasmine JoleneTan
LyonKoh Sebastian
Hazik Soozhen

Theres a reason for this format. hmm okay each sec 3s are suppose to be attached to 1 sec 1 (see above) so the sec 3s are at the left while their "buddy" which is the sec 1s will be on the right. please take note of your buddy:D well the purpose of doing so is to let our sec 1s know how are the duties done. so the sec 3s will be their "role model" in that sense. hahas. sec 3s are suppose to guide your junior okay! :D thats all cheers~ :D
hey guys. This week will be group 1s duty :D

pledge: erica

national-siyi victoria
shhk- jazin yangjie
school- emily luwen

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- alicia
sec 1- cheryl sherlyn
sec 2- EileenChai angela
sec 3- JingYi YiSi
sec 4- QingYu Sunny

exco in charge- Travis
level 1- Aminah Xenia ZhiWei
level 2-Louis FengXia Hafizh
level 3-Marcus Valerie Jack
level 4-Sara Madeleine Claris

side gate:
exco in charge- Jerilene
councillors: Clarence Thaddaeus Nickson

main gate:
exco in charge- Jean
councillors: QiHui RuiYuan JieTing

pathway behind home econs room: ShawEn SiLing

-no tuesday assembly-

thats all guys! cheers :D

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This week gonna be group 3s duty :D


national-jazin EileenTay
shhk- Siyi SiQi
school- Claire David

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- jerilene
sec 1- LyonNg ChoonLei
sec 2- Carey Sebastian
sec 3- HuiLing SayHao
sec 4- Theresa MeiChun

exco in charge- Erica
level 1- Glenn WanLing
level 2- YiJia Afiqah
level 3- FuSheng ShiTing
level 4- Alicivia Abigail

side gate:
exco in charge- Jean
councillors: SooZhen, BeatriceWee, Shannen

main gate:
exco in charge- Travis
councillors: Saggie, ChiLing, ShiHui

pathway behind home econs room: Jeslin Ruth

-No Tuesday Assembly-

exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s- HuiYi
sec 2s- TunYang
sec 3s- WeiYing
sec 4s- Andrea

That all people! Hey mid year is coming already! Work hard and good luck for your papers :D Wack them hard !:D

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorry sorry for the last post. this week will be group 2's duty :D

pledge:Erica Siew


national-SiYi ShuYan

shhk- Jazin Darren

school- Kimi Lyon

Attendance file:

Exco in charge- Jean

sec 1- JiaNing Peixuan

sec 2- HuiQi Khalisah

sec 3- RuiQi BeatriceLee

sec 4- Joel Joey


exco in charge- travis

level 1- JiaXuan Benedict
level 2-soopeng JoleneTan

level 3-Basyirah YanHui

level 4-Jenna

side gate:

exco in charge- Travis

councillors: Michelle, HuiWen, Jasmine

main gate:

exco in charge- Jerilene

councillors: ericaHo, Le'schane, HuiQi

pathway behind home econs room: YikMing Sofea

tuesday assembly:

command and pledge: Erica

arranging of chairs: Benedict, Jenna, huiqi, sofea

exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s-Georgia
sec 2s- JoleneFoo
sec 3s-JingYuan
sec 4s-Nicholas

thats all guys :D sorry for e late post!

16 offence rule

Allo councillors,
this is the 1st time im posting on the council blog.
here's an update on the 16 offence rule :
1) late coming wont be counted in the 16 offence rule anymore. instead, after being late for any events without a valid reason for 1st 5 times, you have to write a 200 word reflection . for the next 5 times.. i got to confirm 1st.

2) as per normal- after reaching 16 offence, one will be sacked.

3) update on the rules(effective from 4th may 2010)

- No food and drinks are allowed in class (includes small bread or tidbits).
- Skirt must be at least below knee length(covering the whole kneecap).
- Girls with altered skirts must purchase a new set of skirt.
- Socks must be 3 fingers above the back of the shoe. School logo MUST be seen.
- Boys MUST tuck in shirt at all times.
- For girls, fringes must be pin up at all times when it touches eyebrows.
- For boys, hair cannot be too long; back of the hair must be above collar, fringes are not allowed to touch the eyebrows. (1 week grace, to be cut during the weekends)
- Tie must be worn at all times (except PE), and it must not be too loose (the 2 ends of the trapezium or triangle shaped thing must touch the collar).
- Tip of the tie must be at least touching the end of the blouse or shirt of the school uniform or longer.
4) these are the people who have already one or more offence. pls do not repeat your offence(or any of the offence) :
2D Madeleine- no tie
2E Xenia- no tie
2H Qing Yu- untucked shirt
- no tie x5
2H Darren Ang- no tie x4
3A Eileen Chai- no tie
3A Yik Ming- no tie
3C Jazin- no tie
3D Sara- no tie
3G Lyon Koh- no tie

anything can ask hazik or me
thats the end. pls do report for tomorrow's role call on time.
good luck n jys for your MYE ^^


Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey,Councillors! :D

I am just random-ing around so,I shall post a random post here (: Anyway,will be my official last post here ): aww..sad right? Someone comfort me! Hahas! Just kidding (:

Times really files right? Now the Sec 4s going to step down and it will be tomorrow la,hahas (: I really enjoy myself..from the Council Camp to the Council BBQ! I hope you all will be bond as one and make sure the the Standard of the Student Council is uphold! :D

Remember not to disappoint our beloved Teacher-In Charge,Ms Pey,alright? (: hahas, she work really hard for the Student Council, so to return the favor.. Just try your best and be the best Student Council this country ever know! Hahas, so passionate about it! :P

Oh,ya..hahas..Passion Clap! xD

Anyway,hope you all take care of yourself and be happy always! (: This Durian got one thing to say to u all...


Hahas, as a councillors la! :P Okay, see ya tomorrow! Bring a lot of tissue paper! I gotta feeling tomorrow will be flood! hahas! :D Maybe I will contribute some to the flood? Hahas! :D

Your 7th Batch VP - Riduan (:
(I am the awesome-st by the way! :P )

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hey councillors! hope you guys enjoyed yesterday bbq hehe:D but remember theres role call tomorrow alright!
This week will be group 1's duty :)

pledge: Alicia

national-Jazin Madeleine
shhk- SiYi Angela
school- Thaddeus FengXia

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- alicia
sec 1- QiHui Xenia
sec 2- ShawEn Valerie
sec 3- YangJie Victoria

sec 4- Nickson Sherlyn

exco in charge- travis
level 1- SiLing JingYi
level 2-RuiYuan Sunny
level 3-YiSi QingYu
level 4-JieTing

side gate:
exco in charge- jerilene
councillors: Aminah YeeQi Emily

main gate:
exco in charge- Jean
councillors: Hafizh Louis Sara

pathway behind home econs room: Claris Jack

tuesday assembly:
command and pledge: Alicia
arranging of chairs: Zhiwei hafizh Angela qihui

exco in charge: travis
Sec 1s-Marcus
sec 2s-ZhiWei
sec 3s-Cheryl
sec 4s-Clarence

Saturday, April 24, 2010


this is SERIOUS.
pls decode this message!



3 more days and our names will be gone from the blog...


Friday, April 23, 2010

Hey guys! as you guys know e day of bbq is coming! weeee~ so im here to tell you more about this bbq on sat hahas :D

-It will be held on 24 april sat.
-It will be at pasir ris park.
-our pit will be pit 31 and 32.. near the maze garden thingy.
-Those who are not taking transport have to report there latest by 2.30pm. (games starting at 3pm :D)
-Those taking transport must report outside general office at 1.50pm.
-Sec 3s have to report slightly earlier at 130 to collect items for games.
-The bbq-ing of food will start at around 5 plus 6.
-Attire is home clothes but not too revealing(for guys and girls) as we don't wanna have any case of anyone having bleeding nose. (girls no FBT shorts and guys no FBT short short(some guys do wear that so don't laugh!)).
-Wear shoes but bring slipper for water games
-Bring extra set of clothes .
-Bring towel and plastic bags for soiled clothes.
-Bring umbrella and 1.5 litre of water for drinking purposes.
-Money is optional. at your own risk.

Hmm i shall include how to get there for those who are going there on their own :D
How to get to pasir ris park:

The nearest Train station is Pasir Ris Station. From the station, you may take SBS 403 from Pasir Ris bus interchange and alight at the stop after the round about.

Alternatively you may take a 10-15 minutes walk into the park into Area 2 via our new entrance located at the traffic stop opposite the bus interchange.

So thats all:D Hope you guys will enjoy yourself at e bbq. look forward to it alright:D
Any problem can come look for me:D


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