Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Suggested Script for Open House 2017

Hi, good morning sir/mdm. I am _____ from Secondary ___. Would you like a short tour around the school?

Side Gate:
  • Newly installed turnstile for the increased security for our school this year. This allows students to exit with ease but strangers will not be able to enter the school outside of the permitted hours.
  • The bus stop outside has 3 bus services, one of which leads to Compass One, which is also the bus interchange and the MRT station.

  • Inside the library we have computers that are available for all students to use freely for project or research purposes.
  • We also have 3 discussion rooms in the library that are specially meant for group work. These rooms are soundproof which allows students to work productively.
  • Printing and photocopying machines are also available for students usage.

Main gate:
  • Nearest LRT stop is Renjong LRT, it is about 3 minutes walk from the school.

Alumni room:
  • The outside room is where the alumni of the school store their items and where councillors gather for some of their briefing. This is also used by councillors for preparation of many events.
  • This room further inside is where councillors conduct meetings.

  • These are the CCAs and other departments booths, feel free to look around and ask them if you have any questions.
  • Show them the field and ISH as well when you walk past
  • We have 2 levels for our ISH. Beside the level 1 ISH are the rooms for our Uniform Group CCAs, this is where they store all their equipment. This is also our gym which is open to all students and our fitness corner.

FCE room:
  • This is where our lower secondary have their FCE lessons, it is very well equipped with ovens, stoves and benches for every student. We also have 2 kitchens so each class will be split into 2 groups during each lesson, giving them adequate space and opportunity to experience cooking.

DNT room:
  • We have 2 Dnt rooms. One is for practical lessons, the other one is on level 2 which is our theory room. The room is air-conditioned which makes it a very conducive place to study in.

  • Some things that we have learnt would be to make lanyards and electronic toy cars. (Can show them some samples that is displayed outside)

Secondary 1 classroom block:
  • Point out Quadrangle and Park Square
  • This is where students gather every morning for flag raising at 7.15am.
  • The English pledge is recited on Mondays to Wednesdays. The Chinese pledge is recited on Thursday and Fridays.
  • Show them our classrooms
  • Point out our lockers as well

  • This is our school hall. If you are interested to find out more about our school, the principal will be giving a sharing at ___ followed by the parents support group who will share their own experiences as well.


Thank you! I hope you liked our school. Have a nice day

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