Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hey guys next week duty will be group 3's duty ;D

pledge: Alicia

national: SiYi LeSchane
shhk: Jazin JoleneFoo
school:BeatriceWee David
hall: TunYang SayHao

attendance file:
exco: Travis Khalisah
sec 1- HuiLing HuiYi
sec 2-Theresa Alicivia
sec 3- Carey WanLing
sec 4- Andrea ChoonLei


Exco: Jean Michelle
level 1- YiJia Ruth
level 2- SiQi
level 3- ShiTing
level 4- ShiHui Abigail

Side gate:
exco- Jerilene RuiYuan
councillors: Glenn EileenTay ClaireNg

main gate:

councillors-WeiYing Jeslin Shannen FuSheng

Pathway: Sebastian Saggie

exco in charge- tianning Hazik
sec 1- SooZhen
sec 2-MeiChun
sec 3- Afiqah
sec 4-LyonNg

Thats all! cheers ~ :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey guys next week will be group 2's duty ;D

Pledge: Erica Siew

National- Jazin, Jolene Foo
SHHK- Siyi, leschane
School- Jolenetan, Yikming
Hall- Shuyan, jasmine

Attendance file:
exco- Alicia
sec1- ruiqi, georgia
sec2- jianing, beatrice lee
sec3- huiwen, peixuan
sec4- darren, nicholas

Exco: Jerilene, Rui Yuan
level 1- Jenna
Level 2- Kimi
level 3- lyon koh
level 4- Joey

Side Gate:
Exco: Travis, khalisah
councillors- Joel, Soo peng

Main Gate:
Exco: Jean, Michelle
councillors-erica ho, jing yuan

Pathway: huiqi, basyirah

Staircase near DnT room:
Exco: Tianing, Hazik, Chi Ling, Zhi Wei
Councillors: JiaSuan, Sofea, YanHui

Patrolling around the school: Hazik & Chi Ling, Tian Ning & Zhi Wei, Gerald & Shaw En

Thats all ;D hahas credits for this week list goes to Miss ShawEn hehe ;D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hey councillors! :D this week will be group 1's Duty :D Enjoy The new Blogskin hehe ! :D

pledge: Alicia

national-SiYi Leschane
shhk- Jazin JoleneFoo
school- Victoria Seri

Hall- Sunny Valerie

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- Erica
sec 1- Clarence QiHui

sec 2- Sara Yisi

sec 3- Nickson Hafizh
sec 4- Cheryl Angela

exco in charge- Travis & khalisah
level 1- EileenChai Siling

level 2- Claris
level 3- QingYu
level 4-JieTing Luwen

side gate:
in charge- Jean & Michelle
councillors: Louis JingYi Jack

main gate:
in charge- Jerilene & RuiYuan
councillors: Emily Madeleine Xenia

pathway behind home econs room: Thaddeus Marcus

Staircase beside D&T room
exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s-Sherlyn
sec 2s-YangJie
sec 3s-FengXia
sec 4s- Xenia

Patrolling around school: Hazik & ChiLing , TianNing & ZhiWei, Gerald & shawen

There will be no logbook duty this week BUT! Those doing logbooks still have to patrol around the D&T Room:D thats all!:D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yes you are at the right page.

Hello councillors! As you can see, you managed to find your way to our brand new blogskin! Many thanks to our fellow councillor, Neo Ruiqi for designing this skin for us. :D Yay (WINKSWINKSWINKS!) THANK YOU!!!

Btw, remember there's combine rolecall this monday at 6.55am!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rotation for Sec 2 Understudy
t3w8 to t3w10
16 Aug to 03 Sep

Jean: Michelle
Tianning: Zhi Wei
Hazik: Chi Ling
Siyi: Leschane
Jazin: Jolene
Jerilene: Rui Yuan
Travis: Khalisah
Gerald: Shaw En

Take note:
1. Understudy period for this first batch only starts on 16 August.
2. The EXCO's name that is beside yours is who you are paired under. (Eg. Michelle is paired under Jean)
3. All Sec 2s will be understudied, this is only the first batch.
4. Remember that you'll be down for understudy duties for 3 consecutive weeks.
5. Do follow your EXCOs for their respective duties.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hey councillors! this will be next week's duty list :D it's group 3s turn now YAY :D


national: Jazin afiqah
shhk: SiYi ChoonLei
school: Saggie Glenn
hall: LyonNg Abigail

attendance file:
sec 1- WeiYing Shannen
sec 2- ClaireNg Sebastian
sec 3- Jeslin EileenTay
sec 4-ShiHui Ruth

Exco: Jerilene
level 1- MeiChun FuSheng
level 2- Sayhao
level 3- TunYang
level 4- WanLing SooZhen

Side gate:
exco- Travis
councillors: Carey Theresa David

main gate:
exco- Alicia
councillors-BeatriceWee HuiLing SiQi

Pathway: Andrea YiJia

exco in charge- tianning Hazik
sec 1- HuiYi
sec 2- Alicivia
sec 3- ChiLing
sec 4- ShiTing

Thats all! cheers~ happy national day in advance:D

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