Code of Conduct


Motto: Service With Honour

Student Councillors are student leaders. They must be role models to the student population and set a good example whether or not they are on duty. They must at all times, uphold the school’s regulations. They must observe their manners and attitudes towards all teachers and seniors. Student Councillors must never get into any disciplinary problems.

1)    Attire
·         The school uniform should be worn with pride.
·         The Student Council badge for EXCOS and SR must always be worn.
·         The Student Council tie should be worn at all times when in school uniform. Tip of the tie must touch the end of the blouse or shirt and must touch collar.
·         Shoes must be 100% black.
·         No alteration of the school uniform is allowed. (Tightening/tapering pants, folding skirts etc)
·         Shirt has to be tucked in at all times.
·         No accessories should be worn on the wrist or around the necks.

2)    Appearance
·         Always look neat & tidy.
·         Fingernails must always be trimmed.
·         Fringe should not be covering the eyes.
·         Long hair for girls must be tied neatly using only black or dark blue rubber bands.
·         No short skirts, make-up or brightly-coloured earrings.
·         Hair for boys should be short and neat, without any sideburns.
·         No ear sticks for boys.

3)    Duty
·         Be committed to their duties and carry them out diligently.
·         Be firm with the students.
·         Assist others in difficulty when performing their duties.
·         Refer any recalcitrant students to the discipline committee or the teachers-in-charge of the Student Council.
·         Build school spirit by organising and implementing various projects for the school.
·         Organise school wide events.

4)    Ambassadors of the school
·         Uphold school values.
·         Respect all NCHS school properties and facilities.
·         Focus on the needs of the student council body before considering own needs.
·         Display a sense of social responsibility and social values.
·         Exercise great moral responsibility and maturity in a boy girl relationship and refrain from conduct which is unacceptable, irresponsible and lacking in integrity.
·         Be punctual at all times.
·         Be proactive.
·         Has a positive attitude towards school, teachers, staff and students.

5)    Attitude
·         When you see a fellow councillor, smile and say ‘Hi’.
·         When you see a teacher, staff, or a school attendant, smile and greet.
·         Take initiative to serve and help.
·         Serve others before self.
·         Maintain good academic results and attend CCA regularly.
·         Reply all messages from seniors promptly and politely.
·         Respect your Principals, Teachers and seniors.
·         Hand in your homework on time.
·         Behave well in class and take initiative to help teacher.

Conduct prohibited under the Code of Conduct:
1.    Involvement in an intimate relationship with a boy/girl student.
2.    Bullying.
3.    Engaged in bullying, whether in person or under the influence of friends.
4.    Not doing duties timely and not sincere in executing duties.
5.    Putting another council member down in front of others.
6.    Do not serve others before self.
7.    Disobey school rules.

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