Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey,Councillors! :D

I am just random-ing around so,I shall post a random post here (: Anyway,will be my official last post here ): aww..sad right? Someone comfort me! Hahas! Just kidding (:

Times really files right? Now the Sec 4s going to step down and it will be tomorrow la,hahas (: I really enjoy myself..from the Council Camp to the Council BBQ! I hope you all will be bond as one and make sure the the Standard of the Student Council is uphold! :D

Remember not to disappoint our beloved Teacher-In Charge,Ms Pey,alright? (: hahas, she work really hard for the Student Council, so to return the favor.. Just try your best and be the best Student Council this country ever know! Hahas, so passionate about it! :P

Oh,ya..hahas..Passion Clap! xD

Anyway,hope you all take care of yourself and be happy always! (: This Durian got one thing to say to u all...


Hahas, as a councillors la! :P Okay, see ya tomorrow! Bring a lot of tissue paper! I gotta feeling tomorrow will be flood! hahas! :D Maybe I will contribute some to the flood? Hahas! :D

Your 7th Batch VP - Riduan (:
(I am the awesome-st by the way! :P )

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hey councillors! hope you guys enjoyed yesterday bbq hehe:D but remember theres role call tomorrow alright!
This week will be group 1's duty :)

pledge: Alicia

national-Jazin Madeleine
shhk- SiYi Angela
school- Thaddeus FengXia

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- alicia
sec 1- QiHui Xenia
sec 2- ShawEn Valerie
sec 3- YangJie Victoria

sec 4- Nickson Sherlyn

exco in charge- travis
level 1- SiLing JingYi
level 2-RuiYuan Sunny
level 3-YiSi QingYu
level 4-JieTing

side gate:
exco in charge- jerilene
councillors: Aminah YeeQi Emily

main gate:
exco in charge- Jean
councillors: Hafizh Louis Sara

pathway behind home econs room: Claris Jack

tuesday assembly:
command and pledge: Alicia
arranging of chairs: Zhiwei hafizh Angela qihui

exco in charge: travis
Sec 1s-Marcus
sec 2s-ZhiWei
sec 3s-Cheryl
sec 4s-Clarence

Saturday, April 24, 2010


this is SERIOUS.
pls decode this message!



3 more days and our names will be gone from the blog...


Friday, April 23, 2010

Hey guys! as you guys know e day of bbq is coming! weeee~ so im here to tell you more about this bbq on sat hahas :D

-It will be held on 24 april sat.
-It will be at pasir ris park.
-our pit will be pit 31 and 32.. near the maze garden thingy.
-Those who are not taking transport have to report there latest by 2.30pm. (games starting at 3pm :D)
-Those taking transport must report outside general office at 1.50pm.
-Sec 3s have to report slightly earlier at 130 to collect items for games.
-The bbq-ing of food will start at around 5 plus 6.
-Attire is home clothes but not too revealing(for guys and girls) as we don't wanna have any case of anyone having bleeding nose. (girls no FBT shorts and guys no FBT short short(some guys do wear that so don't laugh!)).
-Wear shoes but bring slipper for water games
-Bring extra set of clothes .
-Bring towel and plastic bags for soiled clothes.
-Bring umbrella and 1.5 litre of water for drinking purposes.
-Money is optional. at your own risk.

Hmm i shall include how to get there for those who are going there on their own :D
How to get to pasir ris park:

The nearest Train station is Pasir Ris Station. From the station, you may take SBS 403 from Pasir Ris bus interchange and alight at the stop after the round about.

Alternatively you may take a 10-15 minutes walk into the park into Area 2 via our new entrance located at the traffic stop opposite the bus interchange.

So thats all:D Hope you guys will enjoy yourself at e bbq. look forward to it alright:D
Any problem can come look for me:D


Sunday, April 18, 2010

alright this week gonna be groups 3s duty weeee~~

Pledge: Alphonsus and erica siew

national-felicia Siyi
shhk- Jazin Sebastian
school- Say hao Abigail

Attendance file
Exco in charge- Riduan alicia
sec 1- HuiYi ShiTing
sec 2- Saggie BeatriceWee
sec 3- ChiLing SooZhen
sec 4- Rachael Glenn

exco in charge- Liyun Jean
level 1- WeiYing ClaireNg Theresa
level 2-TunYang Shannen Keith
level 3-David LyonNg Verna
level 4- Jeslin Ruth MeiChun

side gate:
exco in charge- Vanessa travis
councillors: Afiqah YiJia Andrea EileenTay Krystle

main gate:
exco in charge- Shuyi Jerilene
councillors: ChoonLei Aliciva Carey Fusheng HuiLing

pathway behind home econs room: WanLing WenTing SiQi OngShiHui.

tuesday assembly:
command and pledge: EricaSiew
arranging of chairs: YiJia David Sebastian ClaireNg

Hmm yeah Thats all for today:D

Oh yeah i will use this chance to tell you guys your grouping:D

Group 1:

Ng Qi Hui 1B
Wang Wen Yan Thaddaeus 1B
Chin Si Ling 1C
Tan Yi Si 1C
Lin Yuan Yu, Angela 1D
Sherlyn Kong Yin Teng 1D
Khairul Hafizh 1F
Seri Aminah Bte Samsulbahri 1F
Luwen Yee Qi 1G
Marcus Sim 1H
Lam Yang Jie 1I
Ang Feng Xia 2A
Chew Shaw En 2A
Poon Jing Yi 2A
Koh Jack 2B
Victoria Guek Ju Conceicao 2C
Cheryl Ang Yuan Ting 2D
Clarence Ow Ka Wei 2D
Madeleine Poh 2D
Xenia Yeoh Hao-Yi 2E
Ng Rui Yuan 2F
Bai Qingyu 2H
Chua Zhi wei 2I
Chai Yan Rong Eileen 3A
Nickson Ong Yong Xing 3A
Lim Si Yi 3A
Claris Chua Hui Ming 3B
Sunny Ho Quan Leng 3B
Alicia Tan Hui Xian 3B
Lim Tian Ning 3B
Valerie Ong 3D
Sara Tan Yan Wen 3D
Siew Jie Ting 3F
Louis Seah Zheng Liang 3H
Emily Lee Jin Xin 3H
Jodi Lau Yiok Cheng 4A
Liew Wei Xin Ivy 4B
Yee Jia Min Joy 4B
Ye Wen Qi Leona 4C
Nur Arffah Bte Zakariah 4F
Yang Le 4G

Group 2:

Cheong Shu Yan 1A
Chua Jia Suan 1A
Tan Si Hui Jolene 1B
Woo Jia Ning 1B
Lim Jing Yuan 1C
Georgia Yap Zhi Wei 1C
Nicholas Yee 1D
Soh Hui Qin, Kimi 1D
Chua Hui Qi 1F
Sofea Khairunnisa Bte Zahari 1F
Joel Ang Kang Wee 1G
Lim Hui Wen 1I
Beatrice Lee Liang Ying 2A
Joey Ong 2A
Yan Soo Peng 2A
Jenna Gan Ting Ann 2C
Chua Michelle 2D
Foo Zu Er Jolene 2D
Yong Le' Schane 2D
Khalisah Binte M. Hafiz 2F
Nur Basyirah Bte Bashir 2F
Benedict Ong Wei Cheng 2G
Darren Ang Zhengyang 2H
Ooi Yik Ming 3A
Foo Min Jean 3B
Lee Yan hui 3B
Travis Lim Jun Le 3B
Erica Ho Yi Tong 3B
Jazin Zakaria Jia Xing 3C
Jasmine Ong Kah Min 3E
Neo Rui Qi 3F
Lyon Koh Yuan Quan 3G
Lim Pei Xuan 3G
Cheah Xin Ning 4A
Lim Ser Lin 4A
Lim Chong Liang 4B
Gan She Hwa 4C
Ong Wei Bin 4D
Jasleen Kaur 4E
Siti Nur Afiqah Bte. Hussain 4F

Group 3:

Chua Hui Yi 1A
Wong Ye Xun Sebastian 1B
Ong Shi Hui 1B
Chia Wei Ying 1C
Soo Zhen 1C
David Wong 1C
Wong Mei Chun 1D
Li Si Qi 1E
Nurfatin Afiqah Bte Halim 1F
Chuah Choon Lei 1G
Aliciva Goh 1H
Glenn Ng Hui Siang 1I
Beatrice Wee Qi Jun 2A
Leck Chi Ling 2A
Pang Tun Yang 2B
Tay Shi Ting 2C
Wee Jeslin 2C
Claire Ng Hui Min 2D
Lee Yi Jia 2D
Andrea Chian See Neng 2E
Lim Say Hao 2F
Carey Tan Ying Shan 2G
Lyon Ng Hong Kai 2H
Abigail Lee Jie Ying 3A
Koh Wanling 3A
Erica Siew Yu En 3A
Saggie Ong 3A
Gerald Tan Zheng Yang 3A
Shannen Ong Si Hui 3B
Quek Fu Sheng 3B
Ruth Wong Hui Xian 3C
Theresa Ang Pei Yi 3E
Jerilene Goh Si Yi 3F
Soh Hui Ling 3G
Eileen Tay Yi Shi 3H
Muhd Hazik Bin jasni 3H
Goh Jia Min Rachel 4A
Krystle Tang Shu Hui 4B
Koh Sock Juen Verna 4C
Ng Peng Shu Keith 4F
Bok Wen Ting 4G

Thats All. Sorry for untidiness :P

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This week will be group 2's turn(sec 1s included):D

Pledge: Riduan and alicia

national-felicia jazin
shhk- siyi Siti
school- Joey Yan hui

Attendance file
Exco in charge- shuyi jerilene
sec 1- weibin shu yan
sec 2- Yik ming jia suan
sec 3- soo peng jolene tan
sec 4- jenna chong liang

exco in charge- Vanessa travis
level 1- michelle jasmine jianing
level 2-jolene foo ruiqi jing yuan
level 3-le schane ericaho gerogia
level 4- kalisah, serlin, soh hui qin kimi

side gate:
exco in charge-alphonsus alicia
councillors: Basyirah, lyon koh, xin ning, chua huiqi,Benedict

main gate:
exco in charge- liyun jean
councillors: Darren, pei xuan, She hwa, Sofea, huiwen

pathway behind home econs room: Jasleen kaur, Joel ang, Beatrice lee

tuesday assembly:
command and pledge: Alicia
arranging of chairs: Darren, jenna, soo peng, joel ang.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Heyo Councillors! This will be the duty list for next week. it will be group 1s turn!

Pledge: Alphonsus and erica

national-felicia siyi
shhk- jazin Shawen
school- yang le jing yi

Attendance file
Exco in charge- Vanessa Travis
sec 1- sunny zhi wei
sec 2- Sara jodi
sec 3- jie ting qing yu
sec 4- ivy jack

exco in charge- Liyun jean
level 1-victoria eileen chai
level 2-cheryl ang nickson
level 3-affrah clarence
level 4-claris madeleine

side gate:
exco in charge-Shuyi jerlilene
councillors: leona valerie xenia

main gate:
exco in charge- Riduan and alicia
councillors: Feng xia rui yuan joy

pathway behind home econs room: louis emily

tuesday assembly:
command and pledge: Erica
arranging of chairs: rui yuan clarence zhi wei

Thats all:D

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