Friday, November 26, 2010

Hey guys! Here is some info about the Vietnam Trip! (:

Reporting Time: 7.20am at Changi Airport Terminal 2, flight SQ172.

Attire throughtout the whole trip

Day 1 (at the airport):
-Long pants or 3/4 pants
-No shorts allowed
-Council tee
-Shoes and socks

Day 2:
-PE shirt
-Long pants or 3/4 pants
-Bring old T-shirt to change
-Bring shorts or Bermudas to change (Optional)

Day 3:
-Old T-shirt
-Shorts (not too short!)
-Bring extra shirt or towel (Optional)

Day 4:
-PE shirt
-Long pants or 3/4 pants
-No shorts

Day 5:
-Own shirt
-Encourage to wear long pants or 3/4 pants or Bermudas
-Bring Jacket

Day 6:
-Own Clothes

Day 7:
-Council tee
-Long pants or 3/4 pants

*** Remember no revealing clothes and shorts not to be too short! Same rules! (:
*** Take note to not wear shirts with weird wordings with meanings.

Things to do
-Label Passport Cover with your Name (best at the top right hand corner)
-Prepare 4 cards/postcards for your roommates!
-Make confetti by cutting squares (max. 3cm by 3cm) from coloured papers.
-Attach the pink card to your luggage!

Do ask if you have any questions! Thanks!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

NCHS designated as SAP school

Nov 13 2010
NCHS designated as SAP school
Look at our dearest councillors!!!!!!
From left to right: Jenna, Carey, Hazik, Gerald
Thanks guys fr being there..... :)))))

Special Assistance Plan
* NCHS will continue to admit Normal course students and students offering non-Chinese Mother Tongue Languages for the 2011 Secondary One intake.
* From January 2012, NCHS will admit only Express course students offering CL or Higher Chinese Language as a Mother Tongue Language.
* The Normal course will be phased out over five years.
* NCHS will also ensure that all its existing students in the Normal courses as well as those offering MTLs other than CL or HCL are well-catered for and able to successfully complete their education.

There's more information @, can read it urself if ur interested, it's long so blahblahpapaya..yeah. :D
Posted by Alicia.

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