Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NCSC Duty List T1W0 - 2014

Nan Chiau High School
Student Council

Weekly Duty List
Term 1 Week 0 [2nd January 2014 ~ 3rd January 2014] – Group 1
Command and Pledge
EXCO-In-Charge: Shi Jun

Announcement Makers
EXCO-In-Charge: Wen Ni
Excos: Chelsey

National: Elton
SHHK:  Xiang Yin
School: Fang Min

Side Gate
EXCO-In-Charge: Siew Ting
Councillors: Jesslyn & Hai Ting

EXCO-In-Charge: En Rui & Genevieve
Level 1: Evangel
Level 2: Afrina
Level 3: Vera & Li Lin
Level 4: Nicholas, Meng Wee & Alvan

Main Gate
EXCO-In-Charge: Gabriel
Councillors: Trena

Staircase beside DNT Room
2nd Jan: Yi Jie & Shermaine
3rd Jan: Winston, David & Zhen Ning

 Councillors: Yurika, En Ci, Yong Zhi, Wisely

Patrol around School
2nd Jan: Yi Jie & Shermaine
3rd Jan: Winston, David & Zhen Ning

*Please note that councillors on duty are to be in FULL school uniform.

Monday, December 30, 2013

SOOC 2014

Hi! The following are the details for the Secondary 1 Orientation Camp 2014, 2nd  to 4th Jan. Reporting time on 2nd Jan and 3rd Jan: 0650@Hall (Planning Committee and Class ICs to report @ 0640). Day 1 would end at around 7.30pm and Day 3 would end at around 2pm.
Attire for Councillors

Packing List for Day 1 (2nd Jan)

For Councillors WITH morning duty, please report to school in FULL School Uniform and Tie for your duty. During FTI (the 1st period), councilors will then have to quickly change into their PAYM shirt and PE Pants.

Councillors WITHOUT morning duty, please report to school in your NEW Council Tee with skirt/pants. During FTI (the 1st period), councillors will then have to quickly change into their PAYM shirt and PE pants. Councillors are to keep the NEW Council Tee for Day 3. 

Packing List for Day 2 and 3 (3rd to 4th Jan)

Councillors who are leaving halfway through the camp

Deployment of Councillors

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sec1 Registration 2013 - 23rd December.

Hi councillors! Attached are the deployments for the Sec1 registration day.
As the briefing @ the conference room would not only be involving councillors, please do be on time and best early if possible.
Duties would end at about 11.30am, no breakfast would be provided so please do have your breakfast before reporting.
Thank you & have a nice December ahead! :)

*Update: Adjustments have been made to the deployments (Highlighted in yellow) due to sudden clashes of events.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Transition Camp 2013

Hey Councillors! The following are some details to take note of for Transition Camp!
Do arrive at 8am at the DNT Room on 20th December. The camp will end at around 12.30pm on 21st December (There might be delays due to briefings etc, so do inform your parents not to arrive too early too)

Do take note of the attire for the respective days.

Attire of all councillors during all 2 days of camp.
Day 1 :
Sec 2s : New Council Tee
After Bathing, Sec 2s wear Pink Batch Tee.
Day 2 :
Sec 2s : Sec 2 Pink Batch Tee

Packing List for Transition Camp 2013 

NCSC Council Camp 2019 Packing List

Packing List No. Item Quantity Remarks 1 Sleeping Bag 1 For sleeping 2 Infinity and Beyond Council Tee (Batch 1...