Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey SEC 2s!

Here is a brief info bout your SLC Camp. (:

Reporting time:
7.30am in school. (Don't be late!)

Time end:
5.30pm @ NACLI.
Please take note that you guys have to arrange your own transport back as Miss Pey will be having meeting.

Things to bring:
Personal toiletries such as towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.
Optional items such as sandals, torch, insect repellent, medication, etc.
Optional items such as light snacks or tidbits for supper.
Sufficient change of clothes to last through your stay.
Sports attire is required for outdoor activities.
Reporting attire: PE attire.
Please take note of the same rules for restrictions of attire:
No FBT shorts, length of shorts to be same as PE shorts. No revealing shirts or tank tops.

Things NOT to bring:
Excessive Cash.
Valuable items such as jewellery, branded watch, laptop, PDA, etc.
Sharp objects such as knives and scissors.


70 South Buona Vista Road
Singapore 118176

From Buona Vista MRT: Bus No. 200
From Habourfront MRT: Bus No. 10, 30, 143

Camp Ground Rules:
Be present, be punctual, be respectful (self, others, environment), be open.
Have fun and enjoy!

*All meals will be served by NACLI appointed in-house halal caterer.
If anyone needs to contact you urgently, you can be reached at:
64744241 (Office Hours)
64704444 (Residence Manager/After office hours)
64797434(Security Guard/After office hours)
[ Must provide your name and the course you are attending ]

Thats all! Any questions pls approach Miss Pey. (:


Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey Sec 4 Seniors!
Student Council wishes you GOOD LUCK for your O levels!
Jiayou and all the best in everything!
Remember that we'll support you guys all the way!

And councillors!
There's combined rolecall tmr at 6.55am at quadrangle.
Bring along your farewell card as well.
Dont be late! :D


Friday, October 22, 2010

Here’s Group 1’s duty for the last week of school!




National: Jack, Angela

SHHK: Siyi, andrea

School: Jieting, luwen

Attendance File

EXCO-in-charge: Jerilene, Tunyang

Sec 1: Fengxia, Sherlyn

Sec 2: Nickson, Seri

Sec 3: Victoria, RuiYuan

Sec 4: Emily, Hafizh


EXCO-in-charge: Jazin, Clarence

Level 1: Valerie QiHui

Level 2: Qingyu

Level 3: Louis

Level 4: sunny

Side Gate

EXCO-in-charge: Alicia

Councillors: YiSi, Madeleine Sara

Main Gate

EXCO-in-charge: Jean Basyirah

councillors: EileenChai, Cheryl, SiLing

Pathway behind Home Ec. Room

Councillors: Zhiwei, Claris

Logbook Duty

EXCO-in-charge: Tianning, Hazik, Jingyi, Xenia

Sec 1: Thaddeus

Sec 2: Yangjie

Sec 3: Marcus

Sec 4: ShawEn

Credits to SayHao:D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey Councillors!
This is informal shot no. 2!
Pls tell me or any admin members if you wanna change your orders.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Councillors!

PLEASE bring your photo money on TUESDAY, 19Oct2010.
Must remember okay, its IMPORTANT!, and help spread the msg around.
Admin and I will remind you guys on monday again.

Thank you! :D

Secretary JEAN!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Group 3's duty :D~

Pledge: Alicia

National : Siyi Qingyu
SHHK : Saggie Victoria
School : Shi Ting Shi Hui
Hall : Tun Yang David

Attendance file : exco-in-charge: Jazin Fengxia
Sec 1 : BeatriceWee Theresa
Sec 2 : Shannen Glenn
Sec 3 : LyonNg Choon Lei
Sec 4 : Wan Ling Afiqah

Patrolling : exco-in-charge: Jerilene Darren
Level 1: Huiyi
Level 2: Claire
Level 3: Siqi
Level 4: Chi Ling Sebastian

Sidegate : exco-in-charge: Jean Yijia
Councillors : Huiling Abigail Weiying

Maingate: Exco-in-charge: Erica
Councillors : Ruth EileenTay

Pathway behind home econs room : Fusheng Sayhao

Logbook Duty : Exco-in-charge:Tianning Hazik
Sec 1s: Meichun
Sec 2s: Alicivia
Sec 3s: Andrea
Sec 4s:

Credits to Carey :D
Informal shot

Formal shot

Sorry the quality is kinda lousy as this was taken using an iphone! :P
Please look for jean if you want to order any of the pictures :D

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Group 2 duty :

Pledge : Erica

National: Ruiqi Victoria
SHHK: Siyi Qingyu
School: Jenna Huiwen
Hall: Le'schane Shuyan

Attendance file: Exco-in-charge: Jean Yi Jia
Sec 1: Basyirah Sofea
Sec 2: Soopeng Nicholas
Sec 3: Joey Ong Kimi
Sec 4: Yik Ming Jia Ning

Patrolling: Exco-in-charge: Alicia
Level 1: Lyon Koh
Level 2: Michelle
Level 3: Hui Qi
Level 4: PeiXuan Jingyuan

Sidegate: exco-in-charge: Jazin Fengxia
councillors: Jolene Tan Khalisah

Main Gate: exco-in-charge: Jerilene Darren
councillors: Yan Hui Jia Suan Joel

Pathway behind home econs room: Jasmine Jenna

Staircase beside DnT room:
Exco-in-charge: Tianning Hazik
councillors: BeatriceLee Erica Ho Jolene Foo Georgia

Credits to carey :D

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