Friday, December 18, 2015

Deployments for Secondary 1 Registration Day

No.NameEXCO In- ChargeJob ScopeClassDuty
Bryan & Jesslyn
Assist FT and Co-FTs
FT Class
2RyanShu Juan1B
4Yann XiMiki1D
5Cheryl (SR)Yi Ning1E
6AliciaYeow Kang1F
7Hui ShanLim Zi Yang1G
8Yock KeatYuki1H
Help to control the flow of parents and answer some simple questions. Please also tell parents where to sit and greet them.
Ushers in Hall
2Xin Yi-
Help guide parents up to the hall
Outside GO
2Yi Lin-
3Hui Ling-
6Zhong Han-
1Jia Yi
Help guide parents up to the hall
Side Gate
2Yu Ting -
3Zu Wei-
5Wong Zi Yang-
1Cheryl Yeo
Crowd control and ensure parents are queing up properly
TB sales
1Fang Min
4Xin Rong-

Sec 1s
Sec 2s

Things to Note for Secondary 1 Registration Day

No.Things to Note
1Councillors would have to report at 6.45am to take attendance and collect their vests.
2Emcees would have to report at 6.45am to take attendance and collect their blazer.
3Please report in your white sleeves.
4Be polite and answers any doubts of the parents to the best of your ability.
5Always maintain a smile.
6Always provide maximum help to parents and students as they might be unfamiliar of the school's surrounding.

Reporting Venue: Council Room
Attire: White Long Sleeve with school vest/ blazer

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Deployments cum Tour Route for Open House 2015

Reporting TimeRemarksVenueCouncillorsCouncillor IC(s)TIC
Reception Table
7.15 am
Outside General Office
Ms Wong
Guided Tour
7.15 am
help out with ushering along the corridor from side gate, stairways and hall after their guided tour duty.
Outside General Office
JoannaXin Rong
Mrs Lee, Ms Tan & Mr Fu
Yi NingReena
Cheryl TayCharlotte
Xin YiAloysius
Yock KeatWong Zi Yang
Zhong HanNicholas Pey
Hui LingAntonia
IanJun Jie
Yi Kai Sean
Leadership Booth
7.15 am
HOD Room
Mrs Lo
9.30 am
Reception Table
10.25 am
Outside General Office
Fang Min
Ms Wong
Guided Tour
10.25 am
help out with ushering along the corridor from side gate, stairways and hall before their guided tour duty.
Outside General Office
DamienYi Yong
Mrs Lee, Ms Tan & Mr Fu
Lim Zi YangConstance
DanielleJin Ying
Hui ShanKia Kiat
Jia Yi Amanda
Cheryl YeoErin
Nicholas LamAlicia
Yi XuanYann Xi
11.00 am

Tour Route

Route 1
(Go down by GO staircase)
GOClassroom (4G)Classroom (3D)Park SquareFCED & TLibraryISHCanteenHall
Route 2
(Go down by the hall side staircase or back of hall staircase if rain)
CanteenISHLibraryD & TFCEPark SquareClassroom (3D)Classroom (4G)GOHall
Route 3
(Go down by D&T staircase)
LibraryISHCanteenGOClassroom (4G)Classroom (3D)Park SquareFCED & THall

FAQs for Open House 2015

NCHS OPEN HOUSE - Frequently Asked Questions (Students)

1.I noted that Nan Chiau High School (NCHS) is a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school. What is a SAP school?
SAP schools were established by the government to preserve the ethos of Chinese-medium schools and promote the learning of Chinese language and culture. Hence, we offer only Chinese and Higher Chinese Language to all our pupils in the school.

2. What is a PSLE cut-off point for NCHS?
It is 240, based on the aggregate range of 2014 Primary 6 pupils posted to the school in 2015. The PSLE aggregate range varies from year to year depending on the applicants and availability of places in the secondary school. 

3. How many Express Classes will there be in Sec 1 2016?
Based on past trends, the school usually has 8 Express classes,
However, the number of classes for Sec 1 and the number of classes for each stream is decided by MOE and the school will only know the exact number of classes after the Sec 1 posting results.

4. What should pupils do if they have not been posted to NCHS after the posting results have been released?
Pupils may submit an appeal with photocopies of the relevant documents directly to the school for consideration. They will be placed on the waiting list.

5. Does the school offer Higher Mother Tongue and Music?
Yes, the school offers Higher Chinese and Music. Lessons are held in
the school during curriculum time.

6. How many CCAs are there in Nan Chiau High?
There are currently 28 CCAS in our school.

7. What are the facilities in this school?.
 We do have adequate facilities for our students. Some of our facilities are also newly- built. For example, the 300 seats auditorium, park square and library are new. Our new gym room is also well equipped. We also have new CCA rooms for various CCAs.

8. What are the leadership development opportunities in this school?
We have many leadership positions in the school to offer opportunities for all students. Positions range from class- based such as Class Chairperson to school- based such as CCA leaders and student councillors. We also have our Falcons who are CCA leaders. In fact, school’s has Student Development Programme for Sec 1 to Sec 4.

9. Are there other streams in the school?
There will only be express stream offered.

10. Where is the nearest bus stop and LRT station?
The nearest bus stop is just outside the side gate, and the only bus that comes to this bus stop is 372, and it stops at the Sengkang Interchange. The nearest LRT station is Renjong, which about 5 mins walk from the main gate.

11.  How is the canteen food like in NCHS?
 The canteen provides a wide variety of food, ranging from Muslim, Vegetarian food to Japanese food. The prices are affordable and the food are well-liked by the students.

12. How many sets of uniforms are required?
Around 2 sets of uniforms and PE uniforms are recommended. Students will have 5 PE lessons in 2 weeks, so 2 PE uniforms should be adequate. In addition, thra is also optional Polo t-shirt that can be worn on Friday.

Please familiarise yourself with them.

Things to Note for Open House 2015

No.Things to Note
1Before the start of every shift, please report to the council room to take attendance and your vest.
2If you are unable to attend on that day, please inform any EXCOs so that any changes can be made on time.
3First shift starts at 8 am
4Those who are on the first shift are to report at 7.00 am at the council room
5Those who are on the second shift are to report at 10.15 am at the council room
6Please report in your white long sleeve.
7Please be friendly and smile at all times.
8After your shift, please return to the council room to return your vest/ blazer.
9Shift 1 is from 8 am to 11 am
10Shift 2 is from 10.30 am to 1.30 am

* Every councillor will be given masking tape to write down their pair number for easy identification of each pair.

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