Monday, January 31, 2011

Duty list: group 2
Pledge: Hazik
National: Siyi ShuYan
SHHK: BeatriceLee Joel
School: LyonKoh Darren

Attendence file:
Exco-in-charge: Alicia
Sec1: YanHui Nicholas
sec2:JoleneFoo Jenna
sec3:EricaHo JoleneTan
sec4:Leschane sofea

Exco-in-charge: Jerilene
lvl1:SooPeng HuiWen
lvl4: Michelle

exco-in-charge: Jazin
councillors: JingYuan Joey Jasmine

exco-in-charge: Erica
councillors: Basyirah Peixuan

Pathway behind homeecons room: YikMing Kimi

Staircase beside d&t room:
Exco-in-charge: TianNing Jean
Councillors: Georgia HuiQi Khalisah JiaNing

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hey Councillors!

Please bring and pass them to her if you have. TYVM! :D


All those going to BBQ cum Leadership Training, pls take note of the following!!!
(There are CHANGES, in CAPS AND BOLD.) :

Reporting time:


Councillors chosen to set up tentage: 12.30PM

-Yang Jie
-Tun Yang
-Zhi Wei
-Say Hao
-Yan Hui

Items to bring:
- 1 extra set of clothes
- Towel
- Slippers [ To be worn during water game ]
- Plastic bags [ To put dirty clothes ]
- 1 rag/old t-shirt [ large enough to carry a ball ]

Report to school in:

For OGLs and Understudies:
- Council Tee
- PE shorts
- Shoes

- Black/Dark coloured shirt
- Shorts [No FBTs or revealing shorts.]
- Shoes [Strictly no slippers. They are to be brought and only to be worn after the land games]

Secondary 2 Councillor Grouping;
Admin: Zhi Wei (OGL)
Sebastian, Si Ling, Angela, Sherlyn
Councillor Welfare: Xenia (OGL)
Jolene Tan, Joel, Marcus Sim
Discipline: Soo Peng (OGL)
David, Afiqah, Yang Jie, Lu Wen
Training and Development: Tun Yang (OGL)
Thaddeus, Georgia, Soo Zhen, Hui Qi, Jia Ning, Hafizh
Student Welfare: Say Hao (OGL)
Jia Suan, Shi Hui, Wei Ying, Yi Si, Choon Lei
Human Resource: Darren (OGL)
Shu Yan, Jing Yuan, Aminah, Glenn, Si Qi



A – Admin Dept
B – Student Welfare (Councillors) Dept
C – Training & Development Dept
D – Discipline Dept
E – Human Resource Dept
F – Student Welfare (Students) Dept
1 – Poison Ball ( versus game)
2 – Modified Volleyball ( versus game)
3 – Photohunt ( INVOLVES EVERYONE)
& lastly, which is not in the movement schedule, is the FINALE GAME, which also INVOLVES EVERYONE .


1 - A vs B

D vs E

C vs F

2 - C vs D

A vs F

B vs E

*Poison ball & Modified Volleyball should only each take up to max.30 mins, which include in briefing, playing, debrief, and walking to the next station.
* Photohunt & Finale game each takes up 1 hour.



Thats all! Hope you guys are looking forward to it! (:

Credits to: Cheryl and Carey, & Understudies. :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Duty list: group 1

Pledge: TianNing

National: Siyi Thaddeus
SHHK: FengXia Angela
School: Sunny ZhiWei

Attendence file: Exco-in-charge: Erica
Sec1:Claris RuiYuan
sec2:Seri JingYi
sec3: EileenChai Hafizh
sec4: Xenia SiLing

Patrolling: Exco-in-charge: Jean
lvl1:QiHui ShawEn
lvl3: Jack
lvl4: Louis

Sidegate: exco-in-charge: Jerilene
councillors: Sara Valerie Madeleine

Maingate: exco-in-charge: Jean
councillors: YiSi JieTing Emily

Pathway behind homeecons room: Clarence Marcus

Staircase beside d&t room:Exco-in-charge: Alicia Hazik
Councillors: Luwen Cheryl YangJie Victoria

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Duty list: group 3

Pledge: Erica

National: Siyi YiJia
SHHK: FuSheng David
School: Carey Glen

Attendence file: Exco-in-charge: Erica
Sec1: Ruth ShiHui
sec2: Lyon WeiYing
sec3: HuiLing ChiLing
sec4: Jeslin Afiqah

Patrolling: Exco-in-charge: Jazin

lvl1: Claire SooZhen
lvl2: Abigail
lvl3: WanLing
lvl4: Saggie ChoonLei

Sidegate: exco-in-charge: Alicia
councillors: Shannen Andrea SiQi

Maingate: exco-in-charge: Jean
councillors: Theresa TunYang Sebastian

Pathway behind homeecons room: EileenTay ShiTing

Staircase beside d&t room:Exco-in-charge:Tian Ning Hazik
Councillors: SayHao BeatriceWee  MeiChun HuiYi

Sunday, January 9, 2011

This is this week's duty list. done by joey :)

Duty list: group 2

Pledge: Alicia

National: Siyi, Chiling
SHHK: Basyirah,Rui Qi
School:JoleneFoo,Jing Yuan

Attendence file: Exco-in-charge: Jerilene, Carey
Sec1: Soopeng,Jia Ning
sec2: Jasmine,Huiwen
sec3: Yik Ming,Kimi
sec4: Darren,Huiqi

Patrolling: Exco-in-charge:Jean, Shiting, Khalisah
lvl1: Georgia
lvl2: Lyon Koh
lvl3: Jolene Tan
lvl4: Yan Hui

Sidegate: exco-in-charge: Jazin, Joey ,Jenna
councillors: Nicholas

Maingate: exco-in-charge: Erica, Le'schane, Beatrice lee
councillors: Erica Ho

Pathway behind homeecons room: Pei Xuan,Jiasuan

Staircase beside d&t room and logbook:Exco-in-charge:Tian Ning,Jeslin, Fengxia, Hazik and Lyon
sec1s: Shu Yan
sec2s: Michelle
sec3s: Joel
sec4s: Sofea

Patrolling around the school:Tian Ning&Jeslin&Fengxia Hazik&Lyon Gerald&Cheryl&Shawen

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here's a message from jeslin.

Hey councillors! This is regarding the sec 1 bathing system.

All the boys will shower first using all the cubicles (including the ones in the girls’ toilets).


2 batches of boys (16 boys in total) will enter each toilet. The first batch will have their shower while the second batch of boys will wait outside each cubicle. The game master on duty will help to time them (3mins). After 2 mins, one of the game masters in the toilet will have to inform the councillor outside the toilet to send in the next batch of boys and they have to queue up outside the toilet if the first batch of boys are not out yet. After 3 mins, the game master will tell the students and they are supposed to knock the door of the cubicle they are waiting for. The following batches will do the same thing.


Then, the first batch of girls will go for their shower (to clean their hair and bodies) (3mins). This means that 8 girls will go to each toilet. While the first batch of girls is having their shower, the second batch of girls for the 2 toilets (16 girls), will have their hair washed at the taps outside the canteen toilets by the Excos. After each girl has finished washing their hair, they will go into the toilet and wait outside the cubicle for their turn to shower even if the rest of the girls from that batch has not finished washing their hair yet. One of the game masters on duty in the toilet will help to time the first batch. As each girl will have their hair washed at different timings from the second batch onwards, they will also shower at different timings too. Hence, 2 game masters will have to help to estimate 4 cubicles each the time the girl has spent showering inside and inform the girl who will be waiting outside the cubicle the amount of time left the girl inside has. The girl outside the cubicle will count the remaining time themselves and knock the cubicle. The cycle follows. 16 girls will be queuing up at a time to wash their hair and hence, when there are 8 girls left at the taps, the councillor will send the next 8 girls to the taps. The girls will queue up at the first tap to wet their hair. After they have wet their hair, they will step aside to shampoo their hair so that the next girl can wet her hair to save time. After shampooing her hair, the girl will go to the second tap to wash her hair. On the first day, 1A will shower first. On the second day, 1I will shower first.

** The 3 game masters in the toilet will have to split themselves into the different duties.
  • 1 of them is in charge of timing the students.
  • 1 of them is in charge of making sure that the students behave themselves in the toilet.
  • 1 of them is in charge of informing the councillor outside the toilet when they have to ask the next batch to queue up and wait for their turn to shower.

** For the class ICs, please send the students for showering according to their register number. Please remind the students to prepare the things they need for showering and not wait for the last minute.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Alright guys this week will be group 1's duty :D

pledge: Erica

national-SiYi Carey
shhk-Chi Ling Marcus
school- Sunny YiSi

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- Jean Leschane BeatriceLee
sec 1- Victoria YangJie

sec 2- Nickson Angela

sec 3- RuiYuan Thaddeus
sec 4- Sara ZhiWei

exco in charge- Jerilene Basyirah
level 1- Emily

level 2- SiLing
level 3- Madeleine
level 4- EileenChai xenia

side gate:
in charge- Alicia ShiTing Khalisah
councillors: Valerie Qihui JingYi

main gate:
in charge- Jazin Cheryl&ShawEn
councillors: Seri Louis

pathway behind home econs room: Luwen Jack

Staircase beside D&T room and logbook
exco in charge: TianNing&Jeslin&FenXia hazik &Lyon
Sec 1s- Hafizh
sec 2s-Clarence
sec 3s-JieTing
sec 4s-Sherlyn

Patrolling around school: TianNing&Jeslin&FenXia hazik &Lyon Gerald& Joey&Jenna

Hey councillors!
the game department have something to tell the game masters.

Hey game masters!
im joey from games department. i'll tell you guys a few more things to take note of.

Firstly- During scavenger hunt, there'll also be splitting of game masters into 9 stations.
the grouping is the same as amazing race.
station 1 of amazing race is also station 1 of scavenger hunt, so example if you are incharge of station 1 in amazing race, youll also be in charge of station 1 in scavenger hunt.

secondly- during the 3 major games of straw roller coaster, novelty race and sheppard's walk+wanted game+ aye-yup captain. for different major games, there'll be different game masters attached. please take note.

1st-novelty race[class 1a 1b 1c( Victoria and luwen) class 1d 1e 1c(Seri and weiying) class 1g 1h 1i(jack and joel) crow control-entering the venue-qihui. leaving the venue-meichun]

2nd- strawrollercoaster. class 1a 1b 1c(jiasuan) class 1d 1e 1f(sebastian) class 1g 1h 1i(hafizh) crowd control- entering the venue(angela) leaving the venue(huiwen)

3rd- sheppard's walk+wanted game+aye-yup captain, class 1a 1b 1c(clarence) class 1d 1e 1f(jolene tan) class 1g 1h 1i(choon lei) crowd control- entering the venue(shihui) leaving the venue(hui qi).

Make sure all your names are written inside. alsom for the crowd control people, you guys can help the game masters incharge of classes during the game, especially those who are incharge of 1g 1h 1i. or those whose class are beyond control. please ask if you have any questions. And take note of the game you are in charge of. Thanks.

Hello councillors!!!!!!! ^^ Below is the finalised list of class councillors and game masters for Sec 1 Orientation Camp 2011. Also, I've indicated the names of those who nd to leave halfway during the camp, pls double check and make sure I've got all ur information right.... :) In addition, I've added the Packing List for COUNCILLORS too!!!!

Class Councillors (Take note the changes in BOLD.) <<<<<<<<
1A: Say Hao, Kimi, Yi Si
1B: Darren, Beatrice Wee, Sofea
1C: Michelle, Soo Zhen, Glenn
1D: Rui Yuan, Xenia, Jasling, Afiqah
1E: Andrea, David, Jia Ning
1F: Thaddeus, Jing Yi, Shu Yan, Si Qi
1G: Madeleine, Yi Jia, Jeanny, Yang Jie
1H: Zhi Wei, Jolene Foo, Hui Yi, Georgia
1I: Soo Peng, Claire, Sherlyn, Marcus

Game Masters
Jia Suan
Hui Wen
Lu Wen
Choon Lei
Qi Hui
Hui Qi
Mei Chun
Shi Hui
Jolene Tan
Wei Ying
Khairul Hafizh

Councillors leaving & returning back to camp / not staying over:

(Updated at 5 Jan 11, 12.36am.)

For those who are not staying for 1st night, you are required to report back to school at 6.30am on Day 2, breakfast will be provided for you.

For the class councillors who are not staying over for 2nd night, you are required to report back to school at 7.30am on Day 3 as you are needed to lead your respective classes. Breakfast will be provided for you.

For the game masters who are not staying over for 2nd night, you don't have to report back to school anymore as there won't be any games on Day 3. No breakfast will be provided even if you choose to come.

For those of you who are told by ur respective CCAs to be down for booth duty during the CCA Bazzar on Day 3 of the camp, you are only allowed to leave when all the Sec 1s are dismissed for CCA Bazzar. There might be a parade by UG so if there is, class councillors are required to stay with ur classes until the parade ends, then you can help out with the CCA Bazzar. However, you required to come back to the camp once CCA Bazzar ends for break camp and debrief.


Role: Class Councillor (1D)
Reason: Tuition
Remarks: Leaving at 5pm on Day 1 and 8.30pm on Day 2, not staying for both nights + not coming back on Day 3.

Role: Class Councillor (1D)
Reason: Piano Lesson
Remarks: Leaving from 2.50pm to 5.15pm on Day 1, will be staying over night.

Wei Ying
Role: Game Master
Reason: Piano Lesson
Remarks: Leaving at 6pm on Day 2, not coming back anymore.

Hui Wen
Role: Game Master
Reason: Tuition
Remarks: Leaving at 5.30pm on Day 2, not coming back anymore.

Shi Hui
Role: Game Master
Reason: Family Function
Remarks: Leaving at 5.45pm on Day 2, not coming back anymore.

Role: Class Councillor (1G)
Reason: Not allowed to stayover.
Remarks: Leaving at 8.30pm and not staying over on both nights + Coming back on Day 3.

Role: Game Master
Reason: Not allowed to stayover.
Remarks: Leaving at 8.30pm and not staying over on both nights + Not coming back on Day 3.

Hui Yi
Role: Class Councillor (1H)
Reason: Not allowed to stayover.
Remarks: Leaving at 8.30pm and not staying over on both nights + Coming back on Day 3.

Role: Game Master
Reason: Not allowed to stayover.
Remarks: Leaving at 8.30pm and not staying over on both nights + Not coming back on Day 3.

Yi Jia
Role: Class Councillor (1G)
Reason: Receive awards.
Remarks: Leaving at 11am on Day 3, not coming back anymore.

Qi Hui
Role: Game Master
Reason: Having Classes (Lessons).
Remarks: Leaving at 10.30am on Day 3.

Role: Food IC
Reason: Bursary Award Ceremony.
Remarks: Leaving at 9am on Day 3, not coming back anymore.

Chi Ling
Role: Food IC
Reason: Involvement in Chingay.
Remarks: Leaving at 6am on Day 3, not coming back anymore.

Packing List

Btw, remember that there's combined rolecall tmr at 6.55am in quadrangle!!!!!! ^^ Enjoy the last day of your holidays, see you tmr!!!!!! :D

By: Alicia

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