Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nan Chiau High School
Student Council

Weekly Duty List
Term 3 Week 1 [27th June 2011 ~ 1st July 2011] – Group 2
Command and Pledge
EXCO-In-Charge: Chi ling

National: Le’schane, Khalisah
SHHK: Jolene Foo, Yang Hou
School: Jia Suan, Afiqah

Attendance File
EXCO-In-Charge: Joey, Jenna
Secondary 1: Hui Wen, Joel
Secondary 2: Shu Yan, Jing Yuan
Secondary 3: Andrea, Choon Lei
Secondary 4 / 5: Kimi, Say Hao

EXCO-In-Charge: Beatrice Lee, Shi Ting
Level 1: Jolene Tan
Level 2: Jia Ning
Level 3: Georgia
Level 4: Soo Peng, Yong Xuan

Main Gate
EXCO-In-Charge: Basyirah, Rui Yuan
Councillors: Mei Chun

Side Gate
EXCO-In-Charge: Feng Xia, Carey
Councillors: Zhi Wei

Pathway behind Home Economics Room
Councillors: Yi Jia, Richard

Staircase beside DNT Room
EXCO-In-Charge: Hazik, Jeslin, Cheryl, Shaw En
Councillors: Michelle, Alicia, Hui Qi, Glenn

Patrolling around School
EXCO-In-Charge: Hazik, Jeslin, Cheryl, Shaw En

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hey guys!

Please take note that you are only allowed to wear school based tee on the last day of the camp. For the first 2 days, you must wear PE t-shirt until after you bathe, then you can change into your home clothes for sleeping. You are also advised to bring an extra shirt for the hike or a face towel in case the shirt you're wearing gets too wet.

Only a few more days to the camp, are you exciteddddd? Seeya on Tuesday! :D

- Basyirah. :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sec 3s! Please remember to bring along a paintbrush for council camp because we'll be painting out banner.

Also, sec 3s, please bring along a shirt that can be thrown in case you dirty it during the paint.

Lastly, to all councillors, for council camp, home clothes is only allowed during sleeping time:D

PS.Sec3s, meeting at anchorvale cc macdonald this tue,14 june,10:30, for council investiture dance. 5 minutes waiting time, and after that, offence forms will be issued. Attire is camp tee with pe shorts, any kind of shoes is allowed,but best is covered shoes^^


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Council Camp Packing List

1School T-shirt  ( Inclusive of Council Tee)Min. 4
2School Shorts/ Bemudas/ 3-QuartersMin 2
3Long Pants ie. Track/Cargo (Optional for hike)1 Pair
4Long Sleeves or Windbreaker (For night use)1 Pair
5Clean SocksMin. 3
6UndergarmentsMin. 3
7Track/Sports/School Shoes1 Pair
8Sandals/Slippers1 Pair
9Sleeping Bag1
10Bath/ Hand Towel1
11Toiletries (toothpaste/brush/shampoo/etc)
13Plastic Bag (For dirty clothing)
14Writing Material pen/pencil (Optional)
15Sun Block
16Insect Repellent
17Personal Medication ( To be consumed in the presence of a
School Adult Supervisor ONLY)
Compulsory Items
21Water Bottle1
22Pouch/Day bag1
23Umbrella or Poncho (For wet weather)1
24Personal Thermometer1
251 Plate, 1 Fork & Spoon, 1 Mug (NO Disposables)1 each

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