Monday, November 21, 2011

*** Ms Pey and Mrs Lo with the Excos will be uncontactable till 28th of Nov as we'll all be in Taiwan. Any problems please contact either Shi Ting or Feng Xia. Thanks.
Guided Tour
OIC: Ang Feng Xia 3A; Tay Shi Ting 3C
Reporting TimeGroupNameClass Full NameClassRemarks
7.20 am outside HOD room1Lee Yi Jia3B1OH HUI XIAN1AStart work immediately after briefing.
2Jolene Foo3A2SOH YI JIE1A
5Chua Jia Suan2A5KUM PO KEE1BGo for break after briefing. Report back at 9 am.
6Soh Hui Qin, Kimi2D6CHUA MING 1B
9Georgia Yap Zhi Wei2C9Quek Zhen Ning1C
9.20 am outside HOD room10Wong Mei Chun2D10Wang Yong Zhi 1CStart work immediately after briefing.
11Chua Hui Qi2F11Chiam He Wen, Alzena 1E
12Sofea Khairunnisa Bte Zahari2F12Lee Sze Cheng, Genevieve 1E
13Joel Ang Kang Wee2G13Lim Si Xuan 1E
14Chua Hui Yi2A14Zhou Fengju 1EGo for break after briefing. Report back at 11 am.
15David Wong2C15Lim Jie Jia, David1F
16Sherlyn Kong Yin Teng2D16SHERMAINE ONG SHI MIN 1G
Standby7.20 am19Poon Jing Yi3F19Chuah Choon Lei2GIn-charge of registration table and opening doors for parents (if Gp 1-18 all present)
 20Luwen Yee Qi2G20Wong Ye Xun Sebastian2B
9.20 am23Michelle Chua3C23SITI NURHASHIMAH BTE JAMAL1G
 24Ong Shi Hui2B24Lee Yan Yun 1H
 25Tan Si Hui Jolene2B25Ang Siew Ting1I
 26Soo Zhen2C26Alicia Yap2B
Side Gate7.20 amVictoria Guek3CCorridor near Council BoardNurfatin Afiqah Bte Halim2FDuty ends at  10.20 am
Chin Si Ling2CLam Yang Jie2I
9.20 amChia Wei Ying2CMarcus Sim2HDuty ends at 12.20 pm
Cheong Shu Yan2AKhairul Hafizh2F

* Hey councilors, remember to take your meals before the duty. All the best! :D

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Training Camp for PAYM Service-Learning Clubs (Level 2)
Equip the participantwith the essential knowledge and skills in leadership,
teamwork, public speaking and event management skills
At the end of the course, the student leaders are to know:
(a) attitude, behaviour and characteristics of a highly effective to know;
(b) interpersonal skills and communication skills;
(c) how to work effectively in a team;
(d) public speaking skills; and
(e) how to successfully manage an event
(a) ABC of Leadership
(b) Interpersonal Skills and Communication Skills
(c) Teamwork
(d) Speaking to One or a Hundred
(e) Event Management

Programme Outline: Day 1
Time Activity
0830 – 1030 Registration & Programme Briefing
1030 – 1045 Break
1045 – 1145 Building Stronger Teams: Leadership
- The ABCs of Leadership
- Shoe Factory
1145 – 1245 Team Motto, Team Flag and Team Cheer
1245 – 1300 NACLI Briefing and Room Check-In
1300 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1630 The Effective Leader
- Magic Pole
- Sherpa Walk
1630 – 1800 Working & Learning Together through Team Sports & Games
- Captain's Ball
1830 – 1930 Dinner and Wash Up
1930 – 2200 Interactive Games & Preparation for SLC Concert Night
2200 – 2330 Reflections
2330 Lights Out

Programme Outline: Day 2
Time Activity
0730 – 0830 Flag Raising & Morning Exercise
0830 – 0900 Breakfast
0900 – 1030 Speaking to One or to a Hundred
- An introduction to public speaking
- Team Juggle
1030 – 1245 Interpersonal Skills and Communication Skills
- MRT Tunnelling
- Team Scavenger
1245 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1630 Managing the Event
- An introduction to event management
- Project Roller Coaster
1630 – 1645 Break
1645 – 1800 Unleashing Your Self-Confidence
- Confidence Skip
1800 – 1930 Dinner & Wash Up
1930 – 2200 SLC Concert Night
2200 – 2330 Reflections
2330 Lights Out

Programme Outline: Day 3
Time Activity
0730 – 0830 Flag Raising & Morning Exercise
0830 – 0900 Breakfast
0900 – 1230 Achieving Highly Effective Team
- Team Challenge Rescue
- Wild Wow Wet
1230 – 1400 Lunch and Room Check-out
1400 – 1530 Appreciating Self and Others
- The Goose Story
- Say You Say Me
1530 – 1545 Break
1545 – 1645 Achieving Highly Effective Team
Time Line
- what are my strengths
- what do I want to do differently
- what do I value in my team
1645 – 1730 Final Debrief & Evaluation
Certificate presentation
1730 End of Programme


Welcome to the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI). We hope
the following information will prepare you for a pleasant and enriching learning
experience with us.
What To Bring:
-Personal toiletries such as towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo,
-Optional items such as sandals, torch, insect repellent, medication, etc.
-Optional items such as light snacks or tidbits for supper.
-Sufficient change of clothes to last through your stay.

What Not To Bring:
-Excessive cash.
-Valuable items such as jewellery, branded watch, laptop, PDA, etc.
-Sharp objects such as knives and scissors.

Sports attire is required for outdoor activities.

All meals will be served by NACLI appointed in-house halal caterer.
Parking is free at designated areas in NACLI.
NACLI Rules and Regulations:
We seek your co-operation with our staff and to observe our rules and regulations
during your stay.
Emergency Contact:
If anyone needs to contact you urgently, he/she may reach you at the following:
During Office Hours:
6672 5200
After Office Hours:
6479 7434 (Security Guard)
6672 5274 / 9299 9053 (Residence Manager)He/She should provide your name and the course you are attending.

Location Map
70 South Buona Vista Road
Singapore 118176
Public Transport:
From Buona Vista MRT Station:
Bus No. 200From HarbourFront MRT Station:
Bus Nos. 10, 30, 143

Useful Information for People’s Association Youth Movement Service-Learning
Club Members – Packing List for NACLI Residential Course
Dear Participant,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Family day (SHHK family day)
Location: Singapore Expo Hall 3A
Date: 13 Nov 2011, Sunday
Team 1: Report to Mr Tay Hiang Soon - 1430 h to 1700 h
Team 2: Report to Mr Tay Hiang Soon - 1630 h to 1900 h
(No Transport Provided)

Team 1:Team 2:
1Yong Xuan2A1Georgia2C
2Qi Hui2B2Kimi2D
3Jia Ning2B3Sherlyn2D
4Soo Zhen2C4Sofea2F
5David2C5Yang Hao2F
7Chi Ling3B7Joel2G
8Madeleine3E8Say Hao3B
9Soo Peng3E9Lyon3H

*** Councillors, please remember to bring your Blazers along and punctuality is always important.
       All the best and have fun there too :)

-Shaw En.

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