Wednesday, November 25, 2009

but i hope everyone whom attended the camp had an enjoyable experience ^^

Councillors, this clap is created by Riduan (:
it's called the passion clap ^^
*clap* PASSION!

Everyone must rest well ok? 0.o
It's quite tiring :x
But i hope everyone had fun ^^

Without you all, the camp will be a failure.
Really thank you guys for making the camp a successful one!
Although first day might be a little boring, but i hope all of you have bonded well as 1 grp ^^
Hope you all will participate nexy year ya? 0.o
Hahaas (:

Heh heh (:
I am going to post some of the photos here ^^
Enjoy :D


My grp (group 6) is playing ENTANGLEMENT!

Attending the student leaders talk (:

All listening "attentively" :p

The speaker, Mr Ong

Preparing for lunch :D

Our lunch very yummy nehs (:
Take a look (:

Prata with egg ^^

Plain prata (:

Curry (:

Everyone eating happily ^^

Then it was time to play "hide-and-seek"

All getting ready for the clues :D

That was the end of first day (:
All very tired (:

Sreened movie "Night at the Museum 2"
And ppl started falling asleep :D

Day 2:

Had the talk again (:
But it was fun-er than Day 1 :p

Group 2 building the domino :D

Group 1 building domino :D

Group 2 (:

Cooking competition!!

On the way to compass (:

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