Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey,Councillors! :D

I am just random-ing around so,I shall post a random post here (: Anyway,will be my official last post here ): aww..sad right? Someone comfort me! Hahas! Just kidding (:

Times really files right? Now the Sec 4s going to step down and it will be tomorrow la,hahas (: I really enjoy myself..from the Council Camp to the Council BBQ! I hope you all will be bond as one and make sure the the Standard of the Student Council is uphold! :D

Remember not to disappoint our beloved Teacher-In Charge,Ms Pey,alright? (: hahas, she work really hard for the Student Council, so to return the favor.. Just try your best and be the best Student Council this country ever know! Hahas, so passionate about it! :P

Oh,ya..hahas..Passion Clap! xD

Anyway,hope you all take care of yourself and be happy always! (: This Durian got one thing to say to u all...


Hahas, as a councillors la! :P Okay, see ya tomorrow! Bring a lot of tissue paper! I gotta feeling tomorrow will be flood! hahas! :D Maybe I will contribute some to the flood? Hahas! :D

Your 7th Batch VP - Riduan (:
(I am the awesome-st by the way! :P )

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