Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello, alicia here! ^^

Below is the link of an online survey for all current Sec 1 & 2 councillors and Sec 3 EXCOs. It is a survey to collate your dietary information and information of you leaving the Sec 1 Orientation Camp 2011. Please help to spread this survey to your other councillor friends!!! ^^

For Qn1, it is necessary for everyone to fill up, kindly ignore the words "concerning Game Masters only". Best is if you can stay for both nights!

For Qn2, if you can eat anything and everything, just tick others and type "normal" in the box beside it. :)

Fill in your current (2010) class.

The camp will be from 6-8 Jan 2011. You are required to report to school at the normal school time for flag raising on 6th Jan, and will be released around 1pm on 8th Jan.

The try out of the Sec 1 Orientation Camp games will be held on 18 Dec, 9am-1pm. We will also announce to your respective roles, whether you're a game master or a class councillor. :P Report in council tshirt, PE shorts, school shoe and school socks. Thanks!!!! xP

Leave a tag if you've got any questions or can't open the link! :)

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