Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Council Camp Packing List

1School T-shirt  ( Inclusive of Council Tee)Min. 4
2School Shorts/ Bemudas/ 3-QuartersMin 2
3Long Pants ie. Track/Cargo (Optional for hike)1 Pair
4Long Sleeves or Windbreaker (For night use)1 Pair
5Clean SocksMin. 3
6UndergarmentsMin. 3
7Track/Sports/School Shoes1 Pair
8Sandals/Slippers1 Pair
9Sleeping Bag1
10Bath/ Hand Towel1
11Toiletries (toothpaste/brush/shampoo/etc)
13Plastic Bag (For dirty clothing)
14Writing Material pen/pencil (Optional)
15Sun Block
16Insect Repellent
17Personal Medication ( To be consumed in the presence of a
School Adult Supervisor ONLY)
Compulsory Items
21Water Bottle1
22Pouch/Day bag1
23Umbrella or Poncho (For wet weather)1
24Personal Thermometer1
251 Plate, 1 Fork & Spoon, 1 Mug (NO Disposables)1 each

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