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SOOC 2013

[Updated on 29 Dec 2012]
Hi, The following are the details for Sec 1 orientation camp 2013, 3rd to 5th Jan.
Reporting time on 3rd Jan: 0750 @ Hall
    Attire for councillors
o   Secondary 2
§  Day 1: Yellow Council Tee
§  Day 2: PE Attire
§  Day 3: PE Attire
o   Secondary 3
§  Day 1: Yellow Council Tee
§  Day 2: PE Attire
§  Day 3: PE Attire

Packing List For Councillors
No. Items To Bring Quantity Checklist
1 Sleeping Bag 1  
2 Torchlight 1  
3 PE Attire 2  
4 School Uniform (including tie)* 1  
5 Yellow Council Tee  1  
6 Undergarments Adequate  
7 Long pants/Track Pants For Sleeping Optional  
8 Slippers (for bathing) 1 pair  
9 Water Bottle 1  
10 School Socks  Adequate  
11 Towel (Face/Bath) 1  
12 Toiletries (Shampoo,shower foam etc) 1 set  
13 Water Bottle 1  
14 Toothpaste and toothbrush 1 set  
15 Medication (If Necessary) Adequate  
16 Windbreaker/Jacket for sleeping  Optional  
17 Utensils (fork,spoon,plate,cup) 1 set (non-disposable)  
18 Rug/Cloth for cleaning 1  
19 Sanitary Pads for girls  Adequate  
20 Thermometer (For temperature-taking exercise) 1  

This is for councillors who are leaving halfway through the camp
No. Name: Class: Leaving Returning
1 Manita Goh 2G 4th January, 1830pm 5th January, 0700
2 Alzena Chiam  3C 4th January, 2045pm 5th January, 0630
3 Woo Jia Ning  4A 5th January, 0730am NIL

Deployment of Councillors

Class ICs (OIC: Chua Ming)
1A Si Xuan Jarren Sherlyn Leo Zhi Hao Ryan Wei Ling Yong Zhi Jia Suan  
1B Wisely Jun Rong Darren Yi Xuan Hui Xian Ramond Genevieve Carey Georgia
1C Winston Meng Wee Jasmine Yu Jia Evangel Chelsey Shermaine Wang Piao Sherlyn Kong
1D Fengju Charmaine Gilbert Hai Ting Yan Yun Shi Jun Kimi Sofea  
1E Chua Ming Jewell Alvan Manita Alzena Siew Ting Jia Ning Seri  
1F Zhi Xiong Ivan Xiang Yin En Ci Afrina En Rui Jasling Yang Hou  
1G Yi Jie Li Lin Jovan Xue Ying Hui Wen Zhi Cheng David Sebastian  
1H Cin Dee Yong Li Grace Celine   Wen Ni Gabriel Joel Qi Hui
*Names in RED are the OICs of the respective classes.
*Names in BLUE are the AICs of the respective classes.
*Highlighted in YELLOW are the Game Masters attached to the respective classes.

Game Masters (OIC: Hui Xian)
Hui Xian Afrina Yu Jia Yi Xuan
Hui Wen Alzena Celine Hai Ting
Yan Yun Evangel Zhi Hao En Ci
Ryan Ramond Xue Ying Manita
Siew Ting Wei Ling Georgia Jia Ning
Wen Ni   Kimi Jasling

Duties for Bathing Time (OIC : Wen Ni)
Venue Boys: Girls : Runners : 
Girls Toilet : Shi Jun  Wei Ling  Shermaine
  Ivan Alzena  Zhi Xiong 
  Meng Wee Li Lin   
Boys Toilet: Ramond Hui Xian 
  Alvan Hai Ting 
  Yi Xuan  Grace 

First Aid
Tham Zhi Cheng
Quek Zhen Ning
Afrina Bte Zaidi
Ang Siew Ting

Multimedia Duties 
Teachers: Mr Tan Han Wen   
Councillors: Charmaine
  Admin Department
Duties for ushering on Performance Day 
For GOH : Qi Hui  Jasling  Kimi
For Parents :
Hui Xian  Yi Xuan  Hai Ting
En Ci  Yong Zhi   
For Parents :
Manita Alzena  Ryan
Shi Jun  Meng Wee Weiling
Wen Ni     

*Please return for updates.

Admin Team(:

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