Friday, March 29, 2013

新蕾奖 Deployment

[Updated on 30/4]
Hey! The following councillors, Please note that you are down for 新蕾奖duty on 5th April 2013.
Please Meet Mdm Tan NS (HOD Chinese) on 3rd April, 1.45pm outside HOD room for briefing.

No. Name Class Duty
1 SEH XIN RU S2-G Hall Arrangement
2 LEE CHARMAINE S2-H Hall Arrangement
3 YEO CIN DEE S3-A Hall Arrangement
4 LEE YAN YUN S3-H Hall Arrangement
5 GILBERT GOH WEI PING S2-G Reception & Signages
6 SNG YI XUAN S2-D Reception & Signages
7 TAN YU JIA S2-F Reception & Signages
8 CHELSEY TAN  S3-B Reception & Signages
9 LEE SZE CHENG, GENEVIEVE S3-E Reception & Signages
10 THAM JING HENG, ELTON S3-E Reception & Signages
11 FOO YONG LI S2-F Refreshments
12 WONG WEI LING S3-F Refreshments

Take Note
* Names highlighted in yellow: support people doing refreshments after your duty
* Duty ends at est. 3pm or 4 pm. (Except refreshments, which ends at est. 5pm)


-Jia Suan-

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