Sunday, August 11, 2013

NCSC Duty list T3W7

Nan Chiau High School
Student Council

Weekly Duty List
Term 3 Week 7 [12th August 2013 ~ 16nd August 2013] 
Command and Pledge
EXCO-In-Charge: Yi Jie

Announcement Makers
EXCO-In-Charge: Wen Ni
Shi Jun and Chelsey

National: Geneveive
SHHK: Winston
School: En Rui

Side Gate
EXCO-In-Charge: Gabriel and Elton

EXCO-In-Charge: -

Main Gate
EXCO-In-Charge: Siew Ting and Zhen Ning

Staircase beside DNT Room
EXCO-In-Charge: Wei Ling and David 
Councillors: -
Patrol around School
EXCO-In-Charge: Wei Ling and David

Hi councillors, due to the morning assembly arrangement for the CT2 period, patrolling duty & DNT duty need not be done. Therefore, councillors would not be having morning duties during this period of time. Good luck for your Common Test papers! :)

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