Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Council Camp 2013

The following are the details for Council Camp 2013, 13thSeptember to 14th September 2013.
The reporting time on 13thSeptember is 8am @ Hall.
Camp will end at 7pm on 14th September.

*Councillors, do take note of the attire.

* Attire of Councillors during all 2 days of camp.
Day 1 : 
Sec 3s :Yellow Council Tee
Sec 2s :Yellow Council Tee
Sec 1s : PE 
 After Bathing, wear New Council Tee
Day 2 : 
Sec 3s :New Council Tee
Sec 2s :
New Council Tee
Sec 1s : 
New Council Tee
 After Bathing, wear PE attire.
Packing Lists
***Councillors, the various packing lists are for the respective activities.


Note :
1) All items labelled * are compulsory in the Packing Lists for Rock Climbing, Dragon Boating  for the respective levels.
2) Personal Medication is compulsory for those with medical conditions.
3) For Sec 2/3s , you may wish to bring/wear another pair of shoes for the Dragon Boating Activity. *The pair of shoes will be wet.
5) If councillors are caught bringing strobe flashlights or snacks, it will be confiscated by the Discipline Department.

Council Camp 2018 Packing List

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