Friday, February 7, 2014

Team Bonding 2014

Hello Councillors,
Here are the details for tomorrow's Team Bonding :
Reporting Time : 1.30pm      (Do be punctual)
Ending time       : 8.30pm      (Time based on when councillors reach the school)

Attire :
Sec 2s : Wear Black Tee + PE shorts (Bring PE Attire to change into it after event)
Sec 3s : New Council Tee (Changing into PAYM Tee after all games)
Sec 4s : New Council Tee
Councillors are allowed to wear either (For going to the beach) : 
-School shoes
-Sports shoes
-Sneakers (Not too colourful)
-School Socks
-Ankle Socks (Not too colourful) 
For playing water games: 
-Old covered shoes/Sandals (A separate pair from the one you wear to school)

**Do take note of the items in the packing list and bring the necessary items. For those with medical conditions or is currently on medication, it is complusory that you bring the medication you need.
**Black Tee is to have no offensive pictures or images.

Packing List

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