Saturday, September 17, 2016

NCSC Duty List T4W2

Nan Chiau High School
Student Council

Weekly Duty List
Term 4 Week 2 [19th September 2016 – 23rd September 2016]
Group 2

Command and Pledge
EXCO-In-Charge: Antonia

Announcement Makers
EXCO-In-Charge: Hui Ling
EXCO: Kenny

National: Danielle
SHHK:  Yann Xi
School: Jazlyn

Side Gate
EXCO-In-Charge: Ian and Aloysius
Councillors: Yock Keat

EXCO-In-Charge: Yi Yong
Level 1: Jian San, Shu Min and Zi Yang
Level 2: Katherine, Yi Lin and Jin Kang
Level 3: Gavin and Dickson
Level 4: Shannon and Xin Yi

Main Gate
EXCO-In-Charge: Cheryse and Xinying

Staircase beside DNT Room
EXCOs-In-Charge: Beatrix, Ryan & Erin
Councillors: Yeow Kang, Jian Wei, Eunice and Si Hui

Patrol around School:

EXCOs-In-Charge: Beatrix, Ryan & Erin

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