Sunday, May 13, 2018

NCSC Duty List T2W9 C

Nan Chiau High School
Student Council

Canteen Duty List
Term 2 Week 9 [15th May 2018 - 18th May 2018]

Lower Secondary

Canteen Area Patrolling:
Bookshop Pathway: Branda
Field Area: Yu Qing and Emily
Parade Square: Nicole

Shift 1: (First 25 mins of recess, 10.15am-10.40am or 11.00am-11.25am)
Patrolling IC: Zroy and ZhiYan
CWO: Wei Xuan

Shift 2: (Last 25 mins of recess, 10.35am-11.00am or 11.20am to 11.45am)
Patrolling ICs: Zenden and Zoe
CWO: Min Yao

Upper Secondary

Shift 1: (First 25 mins of recess, 10.00am-10.25am or 10.45am-11.10am)
Bookshop Pathway: Felecia and Jian San
Parade Square: Yu'En and Adriel
Field Area: Yilin, Dickson and Elise
Patrolling ICs: Miki, Bryan and Jolene
CWO: Kyrene and Damien

Shift 2: (Last 25 mins of recess, 10.20am-10.45am or 11.05am to 11.30am)
Bookshop Pathway: Ethel and Yu Ting
Parade Square: Gerald and Zu Wei
Field Area: Yuki, Sok Yang and Clarisse
Patrolling ICs: Yi Ning, Xin Yi and Jian Wei
CWO: Zi Yang and Joanna

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