Friday, July 6, 2018

NCSC Duty List T3W3

Nan Chiau High School
Student Council

Weekly Duty List

Term 3 Week 3 [9th July 2018 - 12th July 2018]
Morning Duty: Group 3

Command and Pledge
In-Charge: Jing Xuan

Announcement Maker
In-Charge: Sok Yang

Quote of the day
Monday: Bryan
Wednesday: Hildah

National: Jin Kang
SHHK: Elaine
School: Elise

Side Gate
In-Charge: Jian San and Jolene
Councillor: ZhiYan

In-Charge: Shannon
Upper Patrol: Yuxin and Zroy
Lower Patrol: Yu'En and Branda

Main Gate
In-Charge: Jian Wei
Councillors: Yu Qing and Zenden

Patrol around School
In-Charge: Dickson and Laura

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