Saturday, August 18, 2018

NCSC Duty List T3W9

Nan Chiau High School
Student Council

Weekly Duty List

Term 3 Week 9 [20th August 2018 - 24th August 2018]
Morning Duty: Group 1

Command and Pledge
In-Charge: Elise

Announcement Maker
In-Charge: Sok Yang

Quote of the day
Monday: Branda
Wednesday: -
Friday: Joshua

National: Jian San
SHHK:  Jin Kang
School:  Shannon

Side Gate
In-Charge: Jian Wei
Councillors: Gerald and Zoe

In-Charge: Jing Xuan
Upper Patrol: Nicole and Rachel
Lower Patrol: Wei Xuan and Emily

Main Gate
In-Charge: Elaine and Jolene
Councillors: Ethel and Min Yao

Patrol around School
In-Charge: Dickson and Laura

NCSC Council Camp 2019 Packing List

Packing List No. Item Quantity Remarks 1 Sleeping Bag 1 For sleeping 2 Infinity and Beyond Council Tee (Batch 1...