Monday, May 3, 2010

16 offence rule

Allo councillors,
this is the 1st time im posting on the council blog.
here's an update on the 16 offence rule :
1) late coming wont be counted in the 16 offence rule anymore. instead, after being late for any events without a valid reason for 1st 5 times, you have to write a 200 word reflection . for the next 5 times.. i got to confirm 1st.

2) as per normal- after reaching 16 offence, one will be sacked.

3) update on the rules(effective from 4th may 2010)

- No food and drinks are allowed in class (includes small bread or tidbits).
- Skirt must be at least below knee length(covering the whole kneecap).
- Girls with altered skirts must purchase a new set of skirt.
- Socks must be 3 fingers above the back of the shoe. School logo MUST be seen.
- Boys MUST tuck in shirt at all times.
- For girls, fringes must be pin up at all times when it touches eyebrows.
- For boys, hair cannot be too long; back of the hair must be above collar, fringes are not allowed to touch the eyebrows. (1 week grace, to be cut during the weekends)
- Tie must be worn at all times (except PE), and it must not be too loose (the 2 ends of the trapezium or triangle shaped thing must touch the collar).
- Tip of the tie must be at least touching the end of the blouse or shirt of the school uniform or longer.
4) these are the people who have already one or more offence. pls do not repeat your offence(or any of the offence) :
2D Madeleine- no tie
2E Xenia- no tie
2H Qing Yu- untucked shirt
- no tie x5
2H Darren Ang- no tie x4
3A Eileen Chai- no tie
3A Yik Ming- no tie
3C Jazin- no tie
3D Sara- no tie
3G Lyon Koh- no tie

anything can ask hazik or me
thats the end. pls do report for tomorrow's role call on time.
good luck n jys for your MYE ^^


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