Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh By The Way the follow Councillors please note that you guys are down for duty for the maths and science competition on 26 may alright :D the timing and stuff will be confirmed by the teacher in charge. so i have no idea hahas :D just take note you guys are doing duty okay.

Sunny SiQi
HuiLing ShuYan
Ruth Sofea
Valerie georgia
EileenTay SiLing
Louis David
Shannen Kimi
YikMing nicholas
Nickson Glen
EileenChai ChoonLei
Abigail YiSi
Jasmine JoleneTan
LyonKoh Sebastian
Hazik Soozhen

Theres a reason for this format. hmm okay each sec 3s are suppose to be attached to 1 sec 1 (see above) so the sec 3s are at the left while their "buddy" which is the sec 1s will be on the right. please take note of your buddy:D well the purpose of doing so is to let our sec 1s know how are the duties done. so the sec 3s will be their "role model" in that sense. hahas. sec 3s are suppose to guide your junior okay! :D thats all cheers~ :D

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