Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hey yo whatsup guys ;D its sunday already and tomorrow's a monday which means theres role call:D alright this week will be group NUMBER 1 ! :D

pledge: Erica

national-Jazin Shawen
shhk- Siyi YiSi
school- Nickson Marcus

Hall- EileenChai ZhiWei

Attendance file:
Exco in charge- Jerilene
sec 1- Sherlyn Victoria

sec 2- Jack Luwen

sec 3- JieTing SiLing
sec 4- RuiYuan Sunny

exco in charge- Jean
level 1- Valerie louis

level 2-Clarence
level 3- Hafizh
level 4-Emily Cheryl

side gate:
in charge- Alicia
councillors: Sara Xenia YangJie

main gate:
in charge- Travis
councillors: Claris FengXia QiHui

pathway behind home econs room: Madeleine JingYi

Logbook & staircase beside D&T room
exco in charge: TianNing & Hazik
Sec 1s-Seri
sec 2s-Angela

sec 3s-Thaddeus
sec 4s- QingYu

By the way for those doing attendance file for sec 4s/5s, you guys are required to also bring the logbook and their class key together with the file to them. But then you guys will only collect back the files after assembly :D

Then for those doing flag duty in the HALL, hold the corners of the flag with your LEFT hand as you guys will be taking the pledge with your right hand. please make sure the flag is straight, not slacked and also make sure the flag is facing the correct directions!! REMEMBER: please SING the national anthem too!!

Lastly , during rolecall right, please seat FACING the classroom now instead of the podium and each department please form 2 roles now instead of 1. so you guys will be facing the classrooms and your back will be facing the student cohort.

hahas don't worry i will talk about all this again during assembly ;D have a nice sunday :D

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