Sunday, July 25, 2010



This post is rather important, so gotta apologize for the somewhat late post here. Nevertheless, do take note, and I'll issue the reminders again tomorrow during the role call.

I am pleased to inform all Sec 1 Councillors that the 14 days rotation has been scrapped with IMMEDIATE EFFECT. All Sec 1s will no longer belong to any department, instead will be part of a pool, where you may be tapped by any department heads/seniors for a particular event.

There will be a change in direction for the sitting arrangement for role-calls. I believe it's covered in the previous post, but for those who missed it in the midst of the words, I'll cover it again. Councillors are now expected to sit in the direction of the CLASSROOMS, instead of in the direction of the podium. Yeah? You should now be facing the same direction as the student population, but you'll still be in that yellow box. Also, take note that each department should be seated in TWO rows instead of the current one. Department seniors to take up the front spots still.

The majority should be pleased to see this. Role-calls in the future will become monthly events, no longer weekly events. Duties will still be weekly events, Councillors are EXPECTED to check the noticeboard and the blog for updates.

Thats all! See ya tomorrow and we'll elaborate further.


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