Monday, February 18, 2013

NCSC Duty list T1W7

Nan Chiau High School
Student Council

Weekly Duty List
Term 1 Week 7 [18th Feb 2013 ~ 22st Feb 2013] – Group 2

Command and Pledge
EXCO-In-Charge: Jia Ning

Announcement Makers
EXCO-In-Charge: Jasling
Excos: Qi Hui, Kimi

National: Sherlyn
SHHK: Soo Zhen
School: Hui Yi
Level assembly: Seri, Yong Li

Attendance File
EXCO-In-Charge: Sofea
Secondary 1: Li Lin Michelle
Secondary 2: Zhi Cheng, Hai Ting
Secondary 3: Genevieve, Sherlyn Jr.
Secondary 4 / 5: Ryan, Jun Rong
E-Attendance: Choon Lei, Jasmine

Side Gate
EXCO-In-Charge: Jia Suan
Councillors: Cin Dee

EXCO-In-Charge: Sebastian
Level 1: En Ci, Sze Qi
Level 2: Wisely, Yi Jie
Level 3: Gabriel, Si Xuan
Level 4: Mei Chun, David Jr.

Main Gate
EXCO-In-Charge: Georgia
Councillors: Ramond

Staircase beside DNT Room
EXCO-In-Charge: Joel, David, Yang Hou
Councillors: Glenn, Shu Yan, Gilbert, Jason

Patrol around School
EXCO-In-Charge: Joel, David, Yang Hou

Sorry for posting this late! 
I understand some of you are already starting to have SYC Morning practices. If you do, you are excused from duty but please inform me beforehand. Thanks!
-Yang Hou :)

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