Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hey guys!

Just to clarify some matters. Please do take note okay!

1) Please report in PE attire, in SCHOOL SOCKS and SCHOOL SHOES.
Reporting attire must be in PROPER attire please.

Reporting time is at 7.30am SHARP.

2) IF you do not have enough sets of PE, bring home clothes will do.
BUT, fufil the requirements please, strictly NO revealing shirts and school based shirts are allowed. Shorts must NOT be shorter than school PE shorts.

3) Extra pair of shoes is meant for hiking. Meaning: Wear SCHOOL SHOES to school, Bring an extra pair of shoes (sneakers / sport shoes are allowed ). Strictly NO slippers or sandals for hiking. They are ony allowed for bathing/evening time.

4) BEST is to bring at least one pair of school socks. The other pair can be your home socks to wear it with your sneakers/sports shoes for hiking.

5) Bags are optional for hiking trip. We encouraged you to bring water and face towel along during the trip.

6) HANDPHONES / ELECTRONIC DEVICES are strictly NOT allowed. We advised you not to bring it. But if you wanna bring, we'll have to keep it for you and return you only on Day 3. This is to prevent any loss cases.


7) Please bring a cloth that can be used as blind folds, T-shirt, towel, cloth, etc is fine. This is very important!!!


CYA guys on monday! :D:D:D


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